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Re: Good news regarding my tests

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Hi Ladies:


  I just wanted to post some Good news. I had a second reoccurence of UPSC in the fall of 2016. I was originally diagnosed with stage 1 of UPSC in February of 2011. I only had an 18% chance of it reoccurring on me which is very very low odds of a reoccurrence with stage 1.

  My oncologist has been sending me for tests and I also had doctor visits over the past 2 1/2 years.  The cancer I had that was iniially found in 2016 just miraculously disappeared after a few months so I did not need chemo.  My two oncologists were baffled by the cancer just leaving me.  Last year I had an ultrasound of my abdomen and pelvis and that came back with No evidence of Disease and I also had a chest x-ray which showed nothing. My oncologist wanted me to have 2 ultrasounds done in May of this year of my abdomen and pelvis and they came back Negative whereas Nothing was found and nothing was found with the chest x-ray either.

  I am Very grateful and thankful that the cancer I had shows no evidence of disease.  I just hope that this cancer will never came back again, and I hope I can remain with NO evidence of disease  for the rest of my life.   

  Anyway, I just wanted to pass along to you ladies my good news.  

  I do hope that everyone on the board with UPSC is doing well and never ever give up hope.

 As most of you already know, I just lost a very dear and very close friend (Pinky104) a/k/a Carol as we kept in very close contact via e-mails as I will always miss Carol and remember her as she passed away a little over a month ago.  It has been really hard for me, and it will take me a long time to get through Carol's passing.  I pray for her and think of her everyday.


a/k/a Jane


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Jane, thank you for coming back and posting periodically.  You give those of us who are following you on the journey of UPSC hope that we too will have a good outcome.  Wishing you continued good health.

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Glad to know you are doing good. I have heard such bad things about UPSC and it has taken so many ladies on this site.  I will keep you in my prayers.   trish

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Jane, I'm so glad to hear this news!! It gives all of us with UPSC some home. Thanks for posting!



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The grade 3 endometrial cancers like UPSC, MMMT and Clear Cell can be so unpredictable. Some ladies, despite their best efforts, don't last beyond a year or two after diagnosis. Others, even with higher stages, never recur after their initial treatment. Others do recur, but can be treated like those having a chronic disease.

I'm sure that someday scientists and doctors will learn more about what causes these differences between patients with the same type of cancer. Until then, however, we can all celebrate with those like you who, despite having periods of concern, have their recurrences spontaneously disappear – the best recurrence outcome possible! May it last forever!

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you are a shining beacon of hope for all of us.  

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Jane, I celebrate your good news and pray it all stays away.  

I think we all have someone we got to know through the board who's loss has hit us really hard.  It is completely understandable.  Maybe there is somethign you can do to celebrate, and make you smile, to celebrate Carol's life.  Pinky was a dynamo and is definitely missed.

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Congratulations on the good news. 

I can't stop thinking about Pinky, either. It still feels like she's going to post something any time now. One thing she wrote, about the snow on her roof, keeps rattling around in my head and it makes me worry how Mr. Pinky is going to get through this coming winter without her. Maybe its just me putting myself in her shoes and worrying about how my husband would cope without me. I don't know. I always say between the two of us we have a brain and a set of eyes to get us through each day. I pray for him whenever I think of Pinky as I do for LadyMox's husband and the loved ones of others we have lost. Cancer doesn't happen to just us and that's a tough truth.

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MA, you sure are right about that.  Cancer leaves a wide swath of wreckage.  I think so often about how my family will look without me.  I think my husband will be ok, and my daughter is a mighty independent 30-year-old who lives in Guatemala, but I have two 87-year-old parents who count on me from a distance to keep track of things for them, and I have begged the Lord to let me stay around and "see them home."  

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May you continue to receive such good news.   Enjoy!

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May NED be your dancing partner for decades and decades to come!

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Thanks so much for continuing to check in and encourage us.  We sure all need to hear the good news!

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