Medical MJ

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Is anyone on It ? I am and it has been extremely helpful for me. I’m curious if I’m the only one and if there are people using it I’d be interested in knowing if it is helping you through side effects. It has been a god send for me personally. Anyway if it’s legal in your area I would encourage you to check it out, at least investigate. It may offer you great relief as it has me. I hope this is not a taboo topic but having originally scoffed at the idea of trying it i have come around to being very grateful it’s an option for me. Funny story... I didn’t ask for permission to do this but as soon as my sister and I went to our next oncologist visit she blurted out,  out of nowhere “she’s on the marijuana!” I cracked up kinda horrified but dr said that’s fine how’s it working and it has never been discussed since. 


Mmj is not treatment and I would never substitute it for chemo but it helps me so much with the side effects it is worth it to me to use it  




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    My onc suggested a clinic

    My onc suggested a clinic where I could get legal CBD. I tried it but it didnt seem to to do anything after the first few days. A while back I had terrible nausea that was making me vomit up to 10 times a day. I got some edibles, all chocolate, and that seemed to help a bit but then also stopped. I'm not against it but I don't find it very effective for me. But certainly for people who are suffering side effects they should have the opportunity to try it. I've heard that it can really make a difference for some people.


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    "She's on the marijuana!"

    Gosh, I got a hardy laugh out of that one.  Thanks for bringing a little humor to the day.  Many people on this board have beneftied greatly from medical marijuana.  Hopefully they will chime in.

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    I have noticed that quite a few are!


    I have read and heard of many patients that are using the medical marijuana. Unfortunately it is not legal in my state so that isn't an option. My medical team is in another state and it isn't legal there as well although that wouldn't help me anyway.

    I am two weeks in and so far no side effects but I hear that will be changing within two weeks or so. So I just wait to see what this journey offers as I go.

    Keep on keeping on!

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    Medical MJ

    it is not legal in my country but that doesn't make any difference. The first baby steps are being taken to make it legal. fantastic stuff.

    hemp seed oil has recently been classified as a food source here and in many countries so can be bought in health food shops.  thats as close as you can get to mj for many people but does the trick. 

    it seems it is the CBD in mj that has the health benefits. hemp is basically mj with no THC which is the bit that makes you stoned.

    some medical mj is a strain of majiuana that has very low to next to none THC so you won't get stoned .

    there are different strains for different effects. some strains for pain or appetite have higher THC in them so the stone can lift you above the pain or stimulate appetite. 

    the most famous strain of medical mj is Charlottes Web

    this is known for it's low THC content.

    if you google 'best Marijuana strains for cancer' there is much more info on the strains.

    I totally agree that MJ will not cure cancer but believe it is amazing stuff that can contribute highly Coolto keeping you well and believe we are only beginning to learn the benefits. the potential for good is huge.

    loved the comment “she's on the marijuana" . made me laugh so much. but i also think if you are taking medical mj or anything else please tell your doctor...



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    Never Tried It

    There are several on here that used it or currently do and although I've never tried it to help with symptoms, a lot of people swear by it.  Like Jan said above, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't.  That's funny about the doctors and glad that it is working for you.


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    Worked Wonders For Me

    I know a lot of folks have issues with using marijuana. My husband had a prescription for the marinol  when he ws going thru treatment. It is the synthetic form of THC. He hated it and opted to use plain marijuana which helped him with the nausea, insomnia, and the dumpy feeling brought on with chemo. (I am a light weight and the chemo does affect your appetite and mood among many other things. The marijuana helped tremendously with the nausea and increasing my appetite. It also took the edge off of the mental fatigue and "down in the dumps" feeling that the chemo brought on. For me, it was a God send. I've never been able to wrap my head around the issues folks have with using it responsibly. It's natural and has so many benefits. These same folks can drink beer or alcohol every day and not think twice about it. It makes no sense to me. I say do what works for you. Hugs, M

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    It helped me a lot!

    During my first round of chemo every so often I would have a smoke. It helped with nausea immensely and helped me to sleep, improve my mental stress, etc

    the second round the Cancer returned to my lungs so I switched to edibles. Some days my whole body would just ache. I had gummy bears. Lol. I found that I benefitted from a very small piece. Kind of like 1/3 of a gummy bear leg or arm. LOL. But I seriously doubt I would have made it through without it. There were times when I could not get comfortable at all and a little bit would make me feel better.

    I highly recommend the edibles. For me it helped. I’m of the opinion that whatever works, do it.  Medical MJ should be available to everyone.


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    I am a huge fan.  It helps with lots of things, sleep, anxiety, appetite.  Its the best supplement I have.  I had a terrible time sleeping, and now the MJ is always there for me if I need it.  Better than any prescription drug.  

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    I will second Woodytele's exp.

    I started off with a prescription for marinol and it helped with nausea and appeite but I got a chance to try the Rick Simpson Oil.  It is a heavy indica strain and really helps me with nausea, appetite and most importantly sleep.  The other HUGE benefit is that it eases my constant rectal pain (radiation damage) and allows me to use much less of the fentanyl sub ligual spray I have.  

    I recently started using a sativa strain during the day and an indica at night.  The sativa strain helps a lot with depression and lack of energy. It also boosts my appetite a lot yet, I can still move around and function normally.  I have also found that it too helps to relieve the pain.  

    I make the RSO myself now but in this state the hard part is getting quality flower to make it with.