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LizaL: Response to your request for information on uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) specialists

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I created this separate topic since your original request was buried in the old, long thread on MMMT. Those old threads can be hard to navigate when looking for new posts or seeking others' advice.

You asked:

Hi I was recently diagnosed with MMMT in vaginal and cervix. I received two chemo treatments but the cancer did not respond to the treatment. My doctor suggested hospice, but I still want to fight this disease. Las Vegas has very few doctors that specializes in MMMT. Can anyone suggest doctors for me. please Help.

First of all, I'm very sorry that you had to find this site, but hopefully we can answer some questions and share information. Can you tell us more about your diagnosis and what's happened so far such as surgery, cancer stage, the type of chemo that was tried first, how it was determined that the chemo wasn't working, etc.?

While Carboplatin and Paclitaxel are often used first in treating MMMT, that drug combination doesn't work for everyone. There are other chemo drugs that can be tried such as Cisplatin, Doxorubicin, Ifosfamide, etc. I had four different chemo drugs, delivered in two phases during my front line treatment (click on my username to the left and you can read about my treatments).

I live in the Chicago area, so I don't personally know of MMMT specialists in Las Vegas. But you can seek a second opinion online with one of the leading specialists in this area at:


For myself, I saw three types of doctors during my treatments – the gynecological oncologist who performed the initial surgery and does my post treatment exams, the medical oncologist who planned and delivered chemotherapy and the radiation oncologist who planned and oversaw the external radiation sessions. While they were all very experienced in their areas, none of them specialized in MMMT. But they are all associated with a large teaching hospital in the Chicago area and researched the specifics of uterine carcinosarcoma in designing and delivering the treatment plan. Because MMMT is a rare cancer, it can be hard to find a doctor who specializes in this form of cancer. But Dr. Birrer may be able to suggest a path forward that your local doctors can implement.

While MMMT is an aggressive cancer, there are long-term survivors. So it's definitely worthwhile to seek other treatment approaches.

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Thank you, cmb, for pulling out the post and starting a new thread.  I can't find the latest post and hopefully this will help, LizaL.

Here are gyn oncs in Las Vegas, NV:  https://specialist.foundationforwomenscancer.org/  While I don't know any of these doctors, nor worked with any of them, you will want to try to give a call.

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Yea thanks cmb. I had MMMt uterine cancer stage 2 grade 3. Its been 3 years since diagnosis and i am in the clear. I would suggest you try something new as well. There is still hope. I dont know the doctors in Nevada eirher but hope you could find some that will help you. There are many people on this board who have needed to try new med that will work for them. As Cmb said my doctorss didnt specialize in MMMt either. Please know i want and hope for the best for you. 


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