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Big increase in PSA

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About a year ago, during my annual physical, my PSA went from 3.5 to 4.7.  I consulted a urologist  and had an MRI done which showed no signs of cancer.  Then had a biopsy which resulted in Gleason score of 6.  The doctor told me only one core sample had cancer, and the amount was very very small.  We decided to do active survalience.  

Fast forward to now.  My PSA has gone up to 19.  I am visiting the urologist next week, but am very concerned about this.  Does the increased PSA necessarily mean that the cancer has grown/spread?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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It could also be BPH which will raise your PSA.  Your Urologist I hope will investigate the sudden rise to figure out what’s going on.

Dave 3+4

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Thanks Dave.

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My urologist gave me a second blood test and it showed PSA of 7.5 as compared to 19 from a week prior.  Nothing to do at this point; biopsy in six months.  All is good.

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Have a look at the PSA level experiment here.
PSA levels can be significant or just meaningless, the trend line can matter or maybe not.
There can be a link between the PSA level and the level of tumour activity but they can be completely disconnected.
Patients and doctors get sucked in by biochemistry results that they do not understand to be variable and dependent on the assay used.
Given your pathology I would be quietly confident but like all good penguins eyeing the ice edge and the leopard seals!

Best wishes,


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