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NED :-)

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Hello everyone,

finally my husband found time for another follow up scans (US and chest x-ray). He was really overdue, supposed to have them in January-February, but never bothered much. I love his calmness and optimism :-)

NED! Belated, but NED, as expected.

Next scans in a year. He is 4,5 years from surgery. Happy for him, our family and for the fact that scanxiety does subside with time.

Good health for everyone, enjoy the summer!


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Mighty Frog
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So glad to hear this.... Congratulation! 

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Your husband has the best possible cancer with earlest stage possible :)  (thats what my Dr. told me when I was diagnosed with almost same sized tumor 8 years before)

I wish him all the best --and 50 more years of NED!

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Super good news, Allochka. Enjoy the summer Smile

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Thanks for sharing the news Allochka!  With 4.5 years out, are they talking about changing his scan regiment?


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So happy for you, him and your family!  Also great to hear that you can kick scanxiety at some point, as being new to all of this I had a rough run a couple of months ago leading up to my first scan.  Hoping to find that same calm approach.  Now you can enjoy the summer!!

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Posts: 949
Joined: Nov 2014

Thank you all for nice words!

yes, scanxiety does get better. But years are needed, not months... but I guess sooner or later confidence in good outcome gets restored.

Stub, he was getting scans every 6 months for 3 years. After that doc said once a year. This was first (and belated) yearly scan. And doc doesn’t request chest x-rays anymore.

But I insisted that they are important, and husband did it just for me. He himself is very relaxed and sure and would go on just with US. But I hope I‘ll be able to persuad3 him for chest scans for at least 2-3 years more.

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Do wait for a few months to congratulate him?  I think not.  Glad he had the tests done and all is well.



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I'm very happy for your family! 

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Mighty Frog
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Great to hear this! 

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Congratulations, nothing is better than a confirmation that Uncle has visited! Cheers! Wish one day the scanxiety will be gone completely.

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I'll add my two cents worth of happy for you along with all the others. Take care - 

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Thank you all! :*

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All right, all right, all righty now~ YAAY!!

He's on his way...now EXHALE!

Healing hugs,


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Great news - best wishes,


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Hi Allochka,

Congrats to your husband! Hope you guys have a great summer.

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