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Really scared I might have something..

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25 year old male here. 

I'm going to get checked I think, but I wanna share my story and get opinions of others here. 

Around Christmas I started having loose or mushy stools every morning. It started after a few months of really bad eating, late work night and stress. I was working my normal job 10-7 finishing up a big project, and then freelancing that as it got closer to Christmas would go until 2 in the morning sometimes with panic emails coming at me during my normal job. The stool issues lasted for around 5 weeks, went away for a few months, and then started again a few weeks ago. It’s not as loose this time though, except for the last few days. The last few days have been pretty much entirely loose. Last week was a really stressful work week so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. Also occasionally after unhealthy foods I’ll have to run to the washroom. It’s happened a couple times after pizza, but not always though... and once last week after fried chicken from KFC. My BMs also don't always feel that satisfying, like I feel like I could get more out but I can't.


My upper middle abdomen also feels kinda "uncomfortable" sometimes... I've been closely observing it and it seems like it mainly happens after eating... sometimes when I lay down at night I notice it too.... and it seems like it might be connected to gas. I have noticed I've been quite gassy these last few months, but the discomfort often goes away shortly after by passing the gas or burping. I seem to be especially gassy during the week while at work, and i feel kinda bloated at the end of the day. To the point where I'm not even hungry for dinner. Weekends are totally fine though. I did an ultrasound and things looked fine, and I did do blood work a few months ago and that was fine. Two instances I noticed it after recently was after a large bubble tea, and after a fruit smoothie. I also sometimes have sour liquid come up into my throat. I might start writing down when it happens and what I had.

What do you think? My doctor said it’s probably GERD, and maybe a bit of mild IBS. But I’m really worried it might be something worse. I haven’t noticed any blood in stool. There was once where there was a thing of red but I think it might’ve been a pepper or something from the previous day from a philly steak and cheese I ate.... and there's been a couple of times where I've seen a tiny bit of red on the toilet paper. I think I'm going to book another doctor appointment next week and ask for a referral for a specialist so I can get a colonoscopy. 

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Change in stool can be common for different reasons.  Even seeing blood in stool can be cause of many different issues.  It sounds like you might have a case of indigestion like your doctor says but it's always a good idea to have a colonoscopy if you feel better about things.  You can insist on it if the doctor is hesitant.  You are young so that is on your side.  You never mentioned whether there is a history of C/R in your family.  My cancer never gave me indigestion or acid reflux.  Get a second opinion because it will make you so much better off if you do.   I'm thinking you will do well though. 


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Hey, thanks for your reply. I do have a family history of polyps. My mom had a few but they were non-cancerous. I believe my grandmother also had some kind of early stage cancer polyp removed about 10 years ago. I think I'll definately push for a colonoscopy. 

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Have you had that checked out? I would see a good GI doctor and discuss the colonoscopy and an EDG as well. If the pain is more on the left you may also ask for a Hida scan to rule out any gallbladder issues. Mine looked fine on all images, but I showed all the classic symptoms. The doctor sent me for the HIDA and it came back that it was hyperactive. Once it was removed, it got rid of a pain I had for nearly 20 years. 

Good for you to be proactive and wanting to be tested to rule out cancer! I just got into a very heated argument with a woman who was pushing that colonoscopies are too "dangerous". They carry a risk yes, but less then one percent of procedures have complications, if a polyp needs to be removed it raises to only 2.5% and that is because of possible bleeding.  Considering the low risk and what testing can prevent....it's a no brainier in getting screened. I am sorry you are having a health scare but know whatever the results are you will find the strength to cope. Hang in there! 

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At a minimum, I would get a FIT test done.  And due to your family history of polyps, I would push for a colonoscopy.

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Push for colonoscopy. I doubt you have cancer at 25. tell them you have a family history. If a family doctor not referring you see the gastroentorogyst. Ask again for colonoscopy. 

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