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Ulcers, Fever and Bleeding....OH MY

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So Jims ulcers are still bothering him. He is not eating much and has lost several pounds. He will be meeting with my GI to do another EDG to see what can be done. Now this evening he has spiked a fever of 102. He flat out said he will not go to the ER tonight, that he has to go into his office in the morning! (That stupid job of his! grrrr)......Anywho the doctor said Tylenol for now would be fine and if it does not drop in the next couple of hours we need to go in. However if it does drop we can wait until the morning and she will see him first thing. I brought him is Tylenol and a glass of water then he proceeds to tell me "Oh yeah I saw some blood today was quite a bit"! Really? Could have told me that before I called the after-hour line! I love the man so dearly and that is the only thing holding me back from chocking him right now! 

I am sure many of you have had fevers during treatment. What was your protocol if you don't mind my asking. I am going to keep him uncovered like I do the kids when they run one and keep giving him cold compresses and lots of fluids....Any other suggestions that you might have?

I have a distinct feeling that this is going to be a very long night. 

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I do not have much to offer in strategies, only my sympathies for your situation.  I always took baths to manipulate my body temperature, but that may only be because I like baths and they tend to relax me.

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The protocol is given on a flyer in our cancer center That if you fever is higher than 38c ( it is my European memory) you have 3 hours to get to the nearest ER. In ER that is my experience they hook you up to ivy antibiotic and hydration while doing a blood work for infection and viruses And a couple of other things.They fear sepsis that can Knick you of fast.

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Pain meds and cold compresses are all we ever used.......................................Dave

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If low white blood cells are an issue, better to go in to the ER.  I had a fever at the end of radiation/chemo, and then ended up spending four days in the hospital. Infections can get nasty pretty quickly. 

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That's a pretty high fever. He reallyought to go to the doctor's at least for something like that. But at the same time I can understand his reluctance. Every time something happens with me my husband wants to rush me to the hospital and I refuse. I've had it with them unless I really need it and I think I'll know when that is. And I feel a bit like it's a pass off for him. He gets scared and worried and wants to reassure himself. Well, sorry buddy but this is my life and I've had more than enough of hospitals. If we go to our local emergency in our small town they're quite likely to ship me off to a hospital in the city just because I'm complicated and they're scared to deal with me.

For the record, I have blood often. From my butt somtimes because even with the ostomy there's some drainage. From my front as well. I have what can best be described as periods of a couple of days duration including cramps. I had a hysterectomy years ago but still have ovaries. Or it comes from my bladder, possibly due to my kidney issue. Who knows. All I know is that I'm done with hospitals and I'm not going to run to the doctor all the time. I'm going to die eventually, that's just how it is, but I refuse to spend the time I have left being poked and prodded if I can help it. And I'm on blood thinners so that may be part of the issue.

My understanding is that a fever is a concern if it's more than a couple of days. Mine was up that high almost a month ago when I first got the virus I'm still fighting. I looked it up. I didn't treat it because I know the body uses a fever to helpit fight disease. That being said, I had sepsis a coupleof years ago and my fever went up really high. Sepsis os really quick, though. It starts in a couple of hours. It's scary and horrible. It took me months to get back to somewhat of a normal state.



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he is just like my husband!!!!! Telling you important deatails after, refusing to go to the Er, and the work excuse. I get the choke him urge! I get it!!!

usually I pitch such crazy mind blowing fit he agrees to go just to get away from me lol that is a bit high I think with this stupid disease it’s better to go and have it be nothing. I hope it is nothing and it just goes away! thinking of you keep us updated!

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He has been through so much and I'm not sure how things turned out as this post is a couple days old.  Hoping that the blood isn't anything serious and you found out more information.  Hope he is feeling better.  Let us know of an update when possible.


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I hope Jim is doing better now.  It all sounds so awful, one thing on top of another. 

I never did get any feers during treatment, soI can't help there.  As for the blood, I am sure you are telling his Oncologist all of this, because he needs to know. 

Thinking of you both, and hoping things are starting to improve. 


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