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3 years

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I was in  getting a mamagram on Friday. The technistion asked me about when was my last period. Accually she just wanted to know what decade. It made me think. It was 3 years ago just before mothers day that i was having my hysterectomy. I was in the hospital for mothers day. Sometimes 3 years ago seems so far a way and yet at times it feels like it just happened. So far so good for me. Im still NED. Last scan was Last November. 

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I so get what you mean about how 3 years feels at different times. More than we might have had, but still not long enough!!

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Yea twenty five years from my first cancer is great. Now thats a long time. I will take the three years though. I love that your still here MAbound. 

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Unfortunately we both know how often MMMT can recur, especially during the first 2-3 years. So being NED three years after diagnosis is a wonderful milestone. So happy for you and your daughter. You can't hear it, but I'm silently ringing a bell to celebrate your recovery from three(!) cancers.

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Yea im glad that Stupid MMMt is still gone. Thanks

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Wondeful news, janaes.  I wish you many more NED free mother's days.

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I remember my kids giving me mothers day presents in the hospital that. Thats what mad thing great. I would rather be somewhere else to celebrate. Thanks

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Congratulations, janaes. What a great milestone. Wish you many more joyful mother's days. 

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I am so happy for. you.  It is past the most challenging time.  Prayers for your continued NED!


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Three years!!!!!! :)

i think of you often - you were so supportive to me just 6 or so months ago. Here’s to continued good health!

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3 years!!! That is great and here's to many, many, more.

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Congrats Janaes! We all celebrate with your success!!! 

Love and Hugs,


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I look forward to helping you celebrate for many more years. 

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Yay! Congratulations!!

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So happy for you and your family, janaes!

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I can't remember if you've ever had any genetic testing. I worry about you, having had three different cancers already, with the MMMT uterine cancer occurring earlier than normal, age-wise.

Before my surgery I had no reason to suspect that I might have inherited a mutation that can lead to cancer. My mother had cervical cancer, but that's not considered one that's influenced by genetic mutations. And my father had colon cancer, which can be caused by a mutation, but he was diagnosed in his 80s, much later than usual for an hereditary-driven cancer. There aren't any other known cases of cancer in the rest of my close relatives.

But my tumor that was tested after surgery did indicate a possible genetic mutation. I then had genetic testing, that confirmed I had Lynch Syndrome. My siblings then got tested and my brother also has Lynch. My two sisters don't have it. This means that my brother and I will have to have more frequent colonoscopies and watch for other signs of cancer. It also means that we would be candidates for immunotherapy in the future. But my sister's children and their children don't have to worry about having this.

Given your personal history of cancer, you may want to talk to your doctor about having genetic testing and what the costs might be in your case. Sometimes people are reluctant to have this testing, for fear that it will impact their ability to get health insurance in the future. But your cancer history is already a big "pre-existing" condition so I don't think it would make much difference for you.

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Oh my. I read your post CMB right after i got back from my checkup with my cancer doctor. I have thought about that at times but never persued it. I might have to consider that in three months at my next appointment. For now im just glad im done going to the doctors for a while. Thanks for caring about me.

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