Cancer and Sleep Article

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Read this in the NYTimes today and thought others might find it interesting.


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    Thanks for the article. I

    Thanks for the article. I rarely get a good nights' sleep. But, I have had this issue since menopause began 15 years ago. I had hoped the night sweats and hot flashes would have stopped by now but they are stubborn! I am 3+ years out from chemo and I wonder if that is still impacting the hot flashes? Anyways, we will continue to March on! Wink

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    Thanks, Ma.  I wake up ALL

    Thanks, Ma.  I wake up ALL THE TIME so this is an interesting article.  I can't say if I remember waking up BC (Before Cancer) but sleeping through the night is the exception.  When I wake up in the morning after a solid night I think, "wow - so that is what a full night is like."  

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    I've never been a great sleeper. When I was young, I could stay out very late with my friends because I always woke up early in the morning, unlike my friends who would sleep in to make up for the lost hours.

    As I got older, I had a hard time both falling asleep and staying asleep. I associated this with work-related stress/deadlines since I slept quite well the year I took a "sabbatical." And certainly the worry about my cancer diagnosis and treatment side effects also impacted my sleep. I do take a Benedryl every once in a while if I really want to get a good night's sleep.

    But I've found in the last year or so that I'm actually sleeping better. I've shifted to what I think is a more natural bedtime/rising schedule for me since I've cut back on my project work. Fewer deadlines reduces the stress. I also think that I get more tired since I got cancer than I did before. I still have some nights where I toss and turn, but much less than in the past.