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Eight or nine years ago when I had gout and was a bit heavier my GFR went down to 39 or so. It is now up to 65 and I will be 76 years young in a few months. Over the past 5 years I have lost 75 pounds and put back 20 or so. I really think losing weight is the best way to get your GFR up to a decent level. Much of the weight loss was from Pnemonia. That was not fun







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    You inspire me

    i have been following you from the day of my 1st diagnosis--though I was not a member till last 1 month! People like you give us hope that we can have a normal life post kidney cancer!


    Yeah weight loss is probably the best way to get GFR Up and also a natural way to discard so many helath issues

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    Way to go, Iceman. Keep that

    Way to go, Iceman. Keep that weight off and your GFR up.

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    Iceman, you are definitely an

    Iceman, you are definitely an inspiration to so many on this board, and I'm guessing by your personality, to so many people in your life.  Weight loss definitely helps in all areas.  Lots of things that can be very affected by excess weight (blood pressure, insulin resistance for example) also impact your kidney, so all of us who are down to less then two kidneys should do what we can to live a more healthy lifestyle. Now if I could only take my own advice, plus yours I'd be so much better off.  I'm down 15 lbs mostly a result of anxiety over this experience but I need to lose another 25 to be a more healthy weight and I need to lose it in a more healthy way :)

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    6.6 PSA

    SAw the URO today. As a result  of a rise in my PSA and bad family history for Prostate Cancer I am having a Prostate MRI in the next week or so and a Prostate biopsy possibly following, depending on the results. I am too old to learn about other Cancers.