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65 GFR

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Eight or nine years ago when I had gout and was a bit heavier my GFR went down to 39 or so. It is now up to 65 and I will be 76 years young in a few months. Over the past 5 years I have lost 75 pounds and put back 20 or so. I really think losing weight is the best way to get your GFR up to a decent level. Much of the weight loss was from Pnemonia. That was not fun






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i have been following you from the day of my 1st diagnosis--though I was not a member till last 1 month! People like you give us hope that we can have a normal life post kidney cancer!


Yeah weight loss is probably the best way to get GFR Up and also a natural way to discard so many helath issues

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Way to go, Iceman. Keep that weight off and your GFR up.

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