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Post takedown

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My husband is recovering from an ileostomy takedown he had 1 week ago. So many questions...! We didn’t realize it would be this hard. Do the nearly constant trips to the bathroom ease up soon? It’s very painful for him and we’re wanting to know if this is normal from people that have experienced this. Thank you. Mary

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I cannot help or advise, but I do remember reading other members who have suffered during reversal. 

I wish him well, and I'm also bumping this up to the top, as posts sometimes get lost. 


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Yes this is very common.  My bathroom trips were about 35 times a day for months.  The pain can be so unbearable at times due to the radiation burns (take it he had rectal cancer) and using a sitz bath can help with that.  If it hurts for him to wipe have him buy some Calmoseptine.  It's not a prescription but the pharmacy usually keeps it behind their counter.  It works as an excellent barrier.  If you need more information, please PM me.  Hope he feels better soon.


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Thanks so much for your replies. Still pretty rough but it’s only post op day 10. He’s currently in a situation where he’s going every 10-30 minutes. im guessing this is to be expected and they don’t want him to take anything just yet. Hopefully it will start to let up soon. Thanks again.  

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Poor guy. I used to have IBS and it was so hard living like that. It wasn't as often as your husband the majority of the time but I knew where every bathroom was in every place I've ever been. This is why I'm keeping my illeostomy. I hope he feels better soon.


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Thank you Jan and good luck to you. 

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My procedure was conducted on a Monday and I was not discharged until Friday.  For the next three weeks my bowels controlled my life and I began to become discouraged.  However, all of a sudden everything began to improve (slow down and regulate).

That was almost 14 months ago.  Now I average 5 BM's daily.  Eating a meal often triggers one, but on ocassion I will experience an uncontrollable event with embarassing results (has yet to happen in public).

Tell your husband to remain hopeful and optimitistic.  Also experiment with eating certain foods.  Corn on the cob and BBQ are guaranteed bowel stimulates for me.


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Thanks so much for your reply. It couldn have come at a better time. He has been going every 15-30 minutes since about midnight and it’s almost 3:30pm now, so lots of discouragement happening. This does indeed give him some hope. 



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