4 Stage lung Cancer

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My mom was Diagnoised 2 years ago 4 stage lung cancer, she has fought  very hard . 2 years of Chemo is taking its toll

Her  oncolgist  has stopped chemo , her neuopathy is so bad . Now that she has stopped Chemo , how much time does she have left, if untreated, 

any information is  helpful 


  • aquavette66
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    It all depends.

    There are many factors. Age, Current health, how bad the current cancer is where it spread if it has and much more. I will tell you one thing. The most imprtant thing to me was keeping a positive attitude. I can not express how important this is. Your mind and body reacts to how you think more than you can ever know. Try to be there and help keep her mind busy. Do as much as you can to keep her from thinking about dieing and about living. Most family members will ask you all the time how you feel. This becomes such a burden on the person with cancer. Just when I was able to stop thinking of it for a few hours and enjoy life a little, I would get a call or a visit with someone that wanted to know about every test I taken and how I was feeling. Instead of asking how she feels I would do things for her and with her in which she enjoys. 

    So back to the question. How long does she have to live. Only God knows that. But I can tell you one thing by keeping her positive and mentaly busy she will live a lot longer than sitting at home thinking about the cancer and dieing. 


    I wish you and your mom the best, 

    Mike L