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I'm ready to fight for my family.

Tom M.
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I'm new to this site. Found out I had a problem on Valentine's Day of this year. Sigmoid colon cancer. What a slap in the face. Had resection surgery. That went well. My surgeon was amazed how quickly I recovered. 2 of 20 lymph nodes were positive. Mets to my liver. Everything else in there looks clean according to scan. I'm on Folfox 7 for 12 treatments. I'm keeping the faith. This is a fight I must win.

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'This is a fight you WILL win'

A positive attitude goes a very long way in this fight. 

You seem to have that right attitude, and I hope the FOLFOX is not being too hard on you.  Remember to watch out for the neuropathy, which can creep up on you and linger well after treatment.  

Look forward to your continued input.  

And again, welcome. 


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Welcome. I was told I had cancer on New Year's Eve day five years ago. I wish he'd have told me a day or two later. What a miserable New year's that was. This is the first chemo they're putting you on? A nasty introduction to it, I hope it's not bad for you. Twelve is a lot of treatments with that.

Yes, it's a fight and you sound like you have the right attitude for it. Good luck!


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Joan M
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It's hard to deal with finding out about stage 4 cancer and also the treatment is difficult.  12 rounds is alot of oxaliplatin.  The sensation from electic shock sensation from cold is actually the worst part unless you get the neuropathy.  My oncologist only did 8 rounds of oxaliplatin to avoid the long term neuropathy.  But maybe your oncologist is actually trying to cure you so the 12   rounds would be a better bet on getting rid of any remaining tumors. 

Hope all goes well for you in your treatment.  Fighting for your family is good, but also fight for yourself!  


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