Laparascopic hysterectomy NOT associated with increased risk of recurrence

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Just in case anyone was worrying about this, I happened to speak with my gyn-onc surgeon today, and she told me that there definitely is NOT evidence of increased risk of recurrence of endometrial cancer with laparascopic hysterectomy.  I had contacted her about sending her a cervical cancer patient, but I wanted to know whether she had switched back to open procedure, instead of laparascopic, for cervical cancer.  She said that yes, she had.  She had an interesting theory about what was possibly causing the increase in recurrence in cervical cancer after laparascopic, vs open hysterectomy.  She said that some surgeons, when doing the laparascopic hysterectomy for cervical cancer, introduced a probe into the cervical canal.  She thinks that might be what is causing the higher rates of recurrence - because the probe might possibly be disturbing the cervical cancer cells, leading to spread.  She said she was hoping that there would be re-examination of the data, to tease out whether it was only those who had the probe in the cervical canal had a higher chance of recurrence.

In any event, she said that studies have shown NO increased risk of recurrence of endometrial cancer with laparascopic surgery as opposed to open procedure.


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    that makes sense.

    I have wondered myself about the technique of scraping the endometrium.   I have read articles that talk about "seeding".