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MCL with a serious skin reaction after Bendamustine

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My 67 year old brother was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma back in January.  He has had two treatments of Bendamutime/Rituximab (sp).  He had started to get a little itchy after the first treatment, now with the second, he has developed a terribly itchy rash on his arms and back.  This has been going on for about 10 days.  He returned to the cancer center, was treated with IV sterioids and antihistimes, but he is suffering with itching. The doctor isn't certain if the reaction is to the allupurinol or the bendamustine.   Have any of you had this reaction?

This is really wearing him down.


Thanks in advace,



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Hello Roxanne,


I am sorry your brother is suffering from such a strong reaction to his treatment. Although I haven't personally had Bendamustine - but many here have, and I am sure will shortly be able to answer you - I am aware that it can indeed cause severe skin reactions in some patients.

In your brother's situation, in the event he is being treated at a "run-of-the-mill" cancer center, I would seek specialist advice from a NCI-designated cancer treatment facility, or at the very least a teaching hospital, preferably before his next infusion.

I hope this suggestion can help, and that others here will have more first-hand information to share on Bendamustine skin reactions.


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Thank you PBL.  I will share that recommendation with him.


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The link below is a data sheet on Bendamustine.  It is a fairly common lymphoma drug in the last decade.  I can't recall people mentioning itching as a problem with it, but rash and itching are listed as fairly common side-effects reported with it (10-29% of users).

Liver disease or skewed liver enzymes (from whatever cause, including chemo) are a frequent cause of itching, and the sheet also mentions elevated bilirubin in some, which can cause jaundice or yellowing appearance in the eyes or all over (skin).  It is also the case that numerous chemos cause temporary elevation of liver enzymes (mostly AST/ALT) but these usually drift back down after infusions end. I hope that any member who has had itching on Bendamustine will post.

Rituxan is very common in use, and its sheet does not list itching at all.

I began Allpurinol myself months ago hand have had unexplained itching since, and itching is listed as a side-effect of that drug also (I take it for gout/reduction of uric acid).  I appreciate your mention of it, since it may well explain my situation also.

It is the duty of his oncologist to figure this out, and it sounds like he is working the issue. Be aware that oncologists frequently get a sort of tunnel vision, and focus mostly on the reaction of the cancer to treatment, and side-effects are often quite secondary to them.   It is left for the patient in such cases to bring the side-effects to the fore.




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