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My Happy Story

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 My name is Guy. 59 years old and I am 6 treatments away from finishing my 20 Radiation Visits.


My first visit was strange. One of the three machines was not working and their were a few people not so happy.

This was a little bit much for me. One hour delay, full waiting room and a cart that had very little to offer.

My second visit I brought in a box of Tim Bits and placed it on the cart that was full of stuff because it was 8am. I was first in that day. 

The next day and every day so far I have brought in Tim Bits and placed it on the cart.


The cost of the Tim Bits is covered by the new conversation going on in waiting area, Staff as well are talking about it. 





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Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Sadly we do not have Tim Bits in France but we do have small doughnuts in a variety of flavours eg plain sugar coated, chocolate, white chocolate, apple, plum jam, etc.
We also have croissant, pain chocolat, baguette, bagel, etc.
We also have a whole range of patisserie that runs to such exotica as pistachio flavoured eclairs, rum baba with a little bottle of real rum to pour over your dessert before eating, etc.
They will even sell the latter to minors on the grounds that they cannot get drunk on a teaspoonful of rum and at around EUR 2 a shot they cannot afford many.
You could say that patisserie in France is close to being a religion with the boulangerie as it's temple, they are certainly open for longer and more reliably than the churches.

Yours in comfort food,


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