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Can uterine biopsy detect cancer from 2 samples?

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Possible DES Daughter (dr didn't have records to validate or not) with recent uterine symptoms.  Annual is 6 weeks out. 

Last uterine biopsy was over five years ago.  Can a biopsy of two pieces of uterine tissue be enough to find cancer cells?



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The biopsy takes a small sampling of the uterus.  If the cancer is not invasive and the doctor hasn't hit the right spot then it is possible not to find it.  In my case the biopsy showed 'atypical' cells.  It took a D&C with hystoscopy to actually confirm that there was cancer.  It seems like common protocol is to initially do a biopsy then move to D&C.

Good luck! 

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The biopsy can rule IN cancer, by finding it.  But it cannot rule OUT cancer, because it could miss it.

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I would with zsazsa1. A biopsy did find my cancer. But ive heard others say the biopsy didnt find it and a D&C did.

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My doctor had me go from a sonohystergram and now next week I am have a D&C and polyp removed.I am nervous about the resu.I am 45 and have been having heavy bleeding.

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Dafad123, not knowing is scary, but you and your doctor are doing the right thing by getting answers.  Please let us know how it goes. 

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