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Timing of diagnosis

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I am new here and would like some advice about the progression of my diagnosis.

4/23 went to doctor over cough I had for about 2 month. He ordered a ct scan same day that showed a mass in my right upper lobe.

5/1 had PET scan which showed multiple spots on lungs, lymph nodes and bones

5/6 had pulmonary function test

5/6 met with oncologist. He was unable to tell me anything specific without a biopsy, but ordered a brain MRI

5/7 met with pulmonologist who confirmed I had lung cancer based on PET scan and ordered biopsy

5/10 have brain MRI scheduled 

5/16 have biopsy scheduled

5/20 have appointment with oncologist to review biopsy results and plan treatment.

Does this seem like a reasonable time frame? I feel like everyone is moving things along as fast as they but would like some input from people who have been there. Thanks for any advice you can give.

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i’m no expert but your experience seems similar to mine. Mine might have taken longer. 

I was diagnosed last May and it seemed to take forever. 

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No offence and been there myself, you are focused on you so of course you want things to move along one immediately after the other. However consider you are involving 2 specialists, 2 specialized scans, a specialized breathing test and a minor operation, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning all done within 27 days and actually 19 business days. All the while they are doing the same for how many other people?

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