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Natural remedies to fight colorectal cancer

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I recently had surgery to remove an ovarian mass only to find out during surgery that cancer had started in the colon and had spread to my ovaries. Everything was removed (hopefully), so I am very keen on building up my immune system and hopefully preventing anything from coming back in the colon. I have started taking Turmeric regularly as I have read wonderful things about its ability to treat and prevent this type of cancer. Does anyone have any experience with this or with other non-toxic treatments? I don't yet know if I have to have chemo and haven't decided yet if I will go that route but I am very interested in natural remedies.

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Sorry that you have found yourself here. Its not a forum people are wanting to join.

I am heading out to work, and cannot answer your question fully at this time, but I just wanted to welcome you. This is a great place for questions and answers. A great place to make friends. A great place to take your journey along with others who know what you are going through. 

Others will be along soon, I am sure. 


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Thank you.

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Exercise is one the main things that is shown to help prevent cancer and there are studies regarding recurrance. There was something my brother told me that came out within in the last few days which even showed it can help when cancer comes back - I started a heavy cardio exercise program when my cancer came back for third time.  It has kept me going.  Otherwise I would be on the couch all the time on O2 - mets to lungs.

There are many other things that may work.  Some people are big proponents of Vitamin D and Vitamin C in various forms.  I used some Traditional Chinese Medicine - not sure it helped, it did not seem to but maybe it slowed down the recurrance - and still take Reshi Mushooms.  I am on chemo again and had things checked with Oncologist and Intergrative Medicine departments at Memorial Sloan Kettering when back on chemo.  They very supportive in using natural items as supplemnts if no conflicts.  For instance on Zinc and Selenium they said that is good, but don't use pills becuase it can interefere in liver.  Instead 2-3 Brazil Nuts and a handful of pumpkin seeds instead.  Also accunpuncture.  

General Statement about alternative vs intergrative and the different things out there


Herb Database



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This is a rather old post, and I have modified my approach since then, but it has some of the basics from my perspective: https://csn.cancer.org/node/310395

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Did they offer you chemo. If it went to ovaries it is stage 4. Not sure what is your chemo status. I don t think tumeric and other stuff fixes cancer. 

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Sadly, I agree. I agree with the exercise. We were told at a cancer retreat that it's very beneficial. On the other hand an oncology nurse once told me that coloc cancer seems to be the most common for people who do take care of their bodies to get. I've heard probably every idea in the book for things that supposedly help but there hasn't been one that I think might actually do anything. But I do take vitamin D every day. On the other hand, I always did. There's always some flash in the pan that is supossedly the cure that's natural. I don't have a problem with people trying things but I get upset when the 'cures' cost a bunch of money.


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My appendix cancer was found as ovarian mass during my hysterectomy.  If there is a chance that this colon cancer emanated from the appendix, you will need to find an appendix cancer specialist.

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Yes I am sure. My appendix was fine, but they took it out anyway.

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While i don't believe natural remedies can cure cancer i believe what you are saying about building up your imunne system naturally to hopefully help stop cancer coming back. It is always best to check with your doctor . i take tumeric, hemp seed oil, magnesium, vit B , & fish oil every day. if i feel tired i sometimes take a month course of iron. i take vit b as a while ago my vit b levels where really low (had to have vit B injections from doctor) which can be a side effect of ongoing on & off diarrhea that can come from chemo.  apparently tumeric is best heated as it makes the curcumin (which is the natural anti inflammatory compound in tumeric) work best so it is advised to add to cooking. or my sri lankan friends take a teaspoon of tumeric powder in hot water. i take fish oil everyday as it is meant to help with depression as there seems to be a link between depression and colorectal cancer. does the depression cause the cancer or does the cancer cause the depression. who knows? but i have neither at the moment and want to keep it that way.The cbd in medical marijuanna is meant to be a natural anti inflammatory compound as well but it is not yet legal here so hemp seed oil is the closest i can get.

i also do not eat red meat, stopped smoking cigarettes which lead to less alcohol and i try to keep my life as stress free as possible as i believe stress can contribute to behaviours that can contribute to cancer. i started getting accupunture for a sore back but she did some for my digestive system and i took a short course of chinese herbal medicine about a year ago which made me feel fantastic. i also was fortunate to be able to cut my working hours down which i think helps too. 

i asked my oncologists what they thought of what i was doing, they said the not smoking cigarettes was the most important thing to do. they are pleased that i don't eat red meat & happy with my progress which is 3 years NED.

while i had anal cancer which has a very good 'cure' rate there is always the thought of it coming back in my mind so i have changed everything that may have contributed to it in the first place.

the other thing which is meant to be helpful is pineapple. 

here is a link which you may like to read :





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My SIL told me if my diet consisted of high alkaline and low in acids that would have prevented me from getting cancer.  That is some story off the internet and I've never bought into it.  There is no cure all for cancer and chasing a dream using some gimmick or vitamin is a rip off.  Just take care of yourself, get enough sleep, exercise, eat right but include yummies now and then and just live life to the fullest.  BTW, told my SIL that he can do what he want's but I'm not listening to him and changed the story LOL.  I've added a tummeric supplement a day as well.  Wishing you well.


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