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Having a panic attack

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I am sitting here waiting to meet my new oncologist. I should be happy that I am now at MSK where there might be more treatments to choose from but instead of being happy I am all of a sudden terrified. 

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I remember my first appointment at MSK.  I was terrified, but ended up with a wonderful dr.  Who are you seeing?  My med onc is no longer there, my surgeon has taken over my case - Phil Paty.  I love him!


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I don't know why I panicked. I guess, even though I know all things considered, I am still in a good state, I have thos deep down irrational fear that I will be told there is nothing more they can do for me. Which is really silly, because there are many treatments and we are trying to narrow to the best one. He said I really should bring someone with me next time when he will have the options for me.

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everyone panics! I hope they come up with great opti for next visit! you are no where near the we are out options stage! 

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I get anxiety every time I have to go to the cancer clinic or have a test. I think the rest of the time I'm able to compartmentalize the cancer but when I go there, even for simple things, it makes it real and in my face. I usually cry on the way there. I hate the feeling that I belong there, that this is my normal now when I walk through the doors. The rest of the time I'm able to joke about it and talk about it rationally.

Stupid cancer...


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