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2nd kidney also has lesion

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Grandfather had kidney cancer @73 — didn’t do any operation but just took homeopathy and survived for more than 10 years

My father got diagnosed with highly aggressive lungs cancer at stage 4 and survived hardly for an year

i was not so lucky Nd got diagnosed at 28 with left kidney RCC by chance had no symptoms 

got left radical nephrectomy was great for last 8 years but had some high haemoglobin and erythrocytes — so did upper abdomen MRI and doctors found out 2.9  lesion in right kidney now

my left kidney lesion was 2.5 fuhrman grade 1 simple cell non aggressive 

really didn’t think it could come back so early and also not sure whether partial nephrectomy is possible or not

Will turn 36 now and now not sure what’s my prognosis would be , also maybe dialysis and all

This sucks

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You need to dixcus the best outcome with an expert in Kidney Cancer perhaps at a  University hospital.  Sometimes they can do an abaltion or cyro procedure.




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Hi Iceman

u have been an inspiration for me — have read ur comments and always hoped I was so young and detected so early at least chance of relapse was quoted leaa

but now in just 8 years and I am back to square one

also I stay in Frankfurt Germany—not so many hospitals and great doctors as in America

i will definitely consult..thanks for advice

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Sorry to hear that. It’s definitely terrible luck to have recurrence for a stage 1 G1 tumor. I’m very new here but were  there any red flags in your pathology report? 

Wishing you the very best!

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<p>Last year I had to do an ACL surgery in my left knee and during the prep I did blood test and there I found out that the haemoglobin was high around 17.7</p>
<p>initially the doctors were checking for Polycythemia but all tests were negative&nbsp;</p>

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