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Will my eyebrows grow back? (Recap of Lost Posts, Topic Created by zsazsa1 on Jan 26, 2019)

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This recap includes posts that were lost during CSN's data outage from 10/29/18 to 1/30/19.


Jan 26, 2019 - 7:24 pm

I know it's a little thing, and kind of silly when I'm looking at the big picture of trying to survive UPSC/clear cell cancer.  But now, after 4 rounds of chemo, my previously heavy eyebrows are finally going, going.....

Do eyebrows grow back?  How long will it take?



Jan 26, 2019 - 8:03 pm


My eyebrows and eyelashes went towards the end of chemo, too. They'll come back quicker than it takes for your hair to get a decent length. I've always had blond eyebrows so they weren't a dominant feature on my face. What I really missed most of all were my eyelashes but they came back the quickest of anything. Hang in there, you're getting to the light at the end of the tunnel!



Jan 26, 2019 - 8:37 pm

Yes, it all comes back but

Yes, it all comes back but the timing isn't predictable. I started re-growing hair towards the end of chemo; by the time I was done I had peach fuzz everywhere. Eyelashes came in next, then eyebrows. I developed a lot of respect for nose hair after mine was gone and I was contending with constant sniffles, but it returned fairly quickly as well. I did use eyelast serum on my lashes and brows and minoxidil 5% on my head to speed things up. Unfortunately the facial hair came back too  :(



Jan 26, 2019 - 8:45 pm

My brows came back first

They started coming in just a few weeks after chemo ended and came in kind of bushier than before. They were brunette before chemo, came back brunette, then changed to gray. Sadly, they're disappearing again, probably due to the aromatase inhibitor I'm on. I hope they don't go completely away. In many ways, the loss of my brows hit me harder than losing my hair -- I felt I finally looked fairly freakish.

And it isn't a small thing to wonder about this. I gave myself a hard time about it at the time, until I realized what was really bothering me was the weird social isolation that comes with cancer.



Jan 27, 2019 - 8:09 am

Mine started coming back

Mine started coming back right after chemo ended. For some reason one side came back brunette and one gray. But with a little touch up it looks fine.


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The eyebrows DID grow back, so did the eyelashes, and very quickly.  I was so happy to see them!

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...but do they grow back the same as before?

My cousin lost her eyelashes because of radiation to her eyes, which is different, I know. She had luscious eyelashes. She showed them to me last week and asked me if I remembered her eyelashes.

I don't usually pay attention to this stuff since her eye is still bulging out (it's not cancer) and I'm glad she's safe. But she made me remember her eyelashes and yes, they were not the same.

I'm glad yours are all back!

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