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The Chaplain

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Yesterday, I went for a 6-month follow up visit with my hematology oncologist. One of the first stops was the lab to have blood drawn. They always draw 3 vials--CBC, Metabolic Panel, and LDH. 

While the phlebotomist had a needle in my arm, this goofy acting man came into the lab and slapped her on the shoulder with a jovial "how are you today"? When he slapped her, it caused her to jam the needle further into my arm! When I cried out in pain (reflex) she scolded him. He was still grinning and laughing, hunh, hunh, hunh. When he looked at me and said, I didn't notice she was holding a needle, I glared. He dropped the goofy grin and left. That's when she told me he was a chaplain. 

What did he think was happening in the lab of a cancer center? Shouldn't he observe what these people are doing before he slaps them? Should he even touch them? 

Today, I have about a 3-inch bruise at the site. 




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.....I am livid!  I would report him chaplain or not, that is disgusting.  On another note, since we haven't heard from you in awhile I am assuming your tests will come out clear.  I am thankful you have remained in good health and hope I am right with your new results.


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just for sanitation reasons alone he should never have been in the lab. Call him out with the management there.

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Getting away with a 3-inch bruise was actually lucky!  I once had a phlebotomist slip and punch through to the nerve on the far side of the vein in crook of the elbow.  Mild paralysis for a while. I know there are some that would disagree, but I consider this a "teachable moment" and agree with Becky that an incident report is warranted.

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I was on my third week in ICU years ago after being run over by a car, on a ventilator, unable to speak.  My ortho surgeon sent in a PT to mobilize my right shoulder, since he knew that my 13 rib fractures and scar tissue would cause my intercostal muscles to scar over. The PT began, and I tried to wave her off, and signaled that I had to write her a message.  I told her "Someting is bad wrong ! Stop !"  She did not; we all know that no pain, no gain.

Every morning at 6:00 AM I had a chest xray in the ICU, to see if I still had a collapsed lung.  The next day after the therapy the surgeon stepped in around noon and said,

"We knew all along you had a broken back and a broken left scapular.  But until today we did not know you had a broken right scapular.  It seems the therapist pulled apart your right scapular yesterday during treatment.  It must have been a hairline break before, but now it is plenty big enough to see."

My right shoulder grew back together in the deformed position, and has been several inches higher than the left ever since.

" 'Stuff'  Happens" during medical prceedures.

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Thank you for the comments. I told the manager of the lab, with whom I have a good relationship, at the time. The lab is an independent contractor, not connected to the cancer center, so what, if anything they do is up to them. 

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Wow Rocquie. Everytime I have had a blood draw the person doing it was very professional and serious as they drew the blood. Usually there was no one around Although when it comes to bruising I am happy when there is no bruise since I do bruise easily. I can't imagine how someone in a medical environment would think such behavior that you saw would be ok. 

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