laparoscopic partial pain

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almost 3 month passed after LPN. still have pain from time to time sometime very discouraged. My doctor ordered ct and after reviewing result told me that it is nothing to do with a surgery because laparoscopic partial could not cause this pain.  he said that disc regeneration trigered this pain. I do not believe him. anybody with Partial lapascopic has similar experience and similar doctor responce.



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    My thoughts



    You just had major surgery. Your Doctor didn't. A neph said.

    Give it a little more time.





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    My husband still had pain 5 months after surgery, Dr kept saying it wasn't from a problem with surgery But probably his back.  Right around the 6 month mark the pain got better.  Everyone heals differently. Try to relax, give it time. Best of luck!

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    Don't be discouraged

    Although the "outside" may look mended the "inside" had major trauma.  They cut, pulled, pushed, and even burned; then they sewed you up.  For many, it takes 6-12 months to feel completely back to normal.  Try to relax and allow your body to fully heal. 


    Take care,


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    Ditto what everyone said...3

    Ditto what everyone said...3 months is too soon!  Give it time.  

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    thanks everybody for support.

    thanks everybody for support. lets  hope and pray.

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    Yes, I've had pain.

    Yes, I have had similar pains and still fighting through some after about 8 months.  I am not sure about your age, but in my case, all educated medical opinions point to degenerative changes accentuated by a loss of core strenght from the post procedural lay-off.  I've gone to PT to try and rebuild but it's been a slow go.  Everyone's different.  Good luck my friend.