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Cancer Treatment of America Centers

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Has anyone been and is it worth it? Steps to getting there? 

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I have Liposcroma for 19 years.

You did not give alot of information about what you may need.

I would go with a cancer specific doctor and hospital

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I considered them when dealing with ovarian cancer.  The thing I didn't like was it was all or nothing with them.  If you went to their clinic, you had to do all their treatments there and could not opt to have some other alternative/integrative treatment elsewhere.  I've also heard they manipulate their survival data, so it isn't as rosy as you might think.  I opted to have alternative treatments at a hospital in Mexico and naturopaths in the U.S.  But it's expensive because most are not covered by insurance.  Althouth I'm just learning there are some immunologists, who specialize in intagrative therapies and they do take insurance.  

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