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colorectal tumor grew while on folfox and avastin

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My husband was diagnosed last October with colorectal cancer that metastisized to the liver. He has finished 12 rounds of Folfox

and when the scans came back we found out that the colon tumor has grown but the liver tumors have shrank. Is this common?

They have now prescribed 6 rounds of Folfiri and radiation. Has anyone had this happen?

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I'm not sure from your post whether your husband had surgery to remove the original tumor before doing the treatment.  I'm sorry to hear that it has grown.  Hopefully the new treatment will have better response on the tumor than the last one.  Wishing him well.


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They did not remove the tumor. They wanted the tumor to shrink a little and then make

a decision. 

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Cancer is an odd thing. I go on Vectibix regularly to keep my mets at bay. It works great for all but one. There's one in my left lung that has never responded to chemo while the others in the same lung all do. So it just gets bigger and bigger. It makes no sense to me.


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