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Virus to treat cancer?

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It's early days but this sounds promising. Ties in to my belief that it will be a virus that kills it due to the people who have suddenly come up cancer free for no reason and to the fact that people who have illness and infections after treatment have a lower rate of recurrance.     https://business.financialpost.com/business-trends/a-unique-medical-approach-to-treat-cancer-video?fbclid=IwAR1OrnSZ-jM7EAW8ctqIG3Rlo48ujT4LOnYj5tM_-oodZQDaAT7hgCRHmxw

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Anti-cancer effects of viruses has been know for quite some time. Why this hasn't resulted in any treatment options I don't know.

Heres's an interesting one about the use of Newcastle Disease Virus. Apparently it replicates 10000 times faster in human cancer cells comapred to normal cells, killing the host cells. Some studies has shown positive effects on colorectal cancer, but no treatment has been approved yet (I think). 


Best wishes, Bjorn

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Interesting.  Thanks for posting.  There is always something new around the corner.

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