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Hi all,

We found out that xtandi has failed and my dad's PSA has risen from 16 to 44 within two weeks.  The oncologist has said we're now headed to jevtana.  We meet with the oncologist wed and dad will also start first treatment with jevtana.  After all the research and discussions it appears we are at the end.  My heart is broken and I keep digging for more treatment options.  Are there any?!?  Any experiences with jevtana?? 

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I can't recall the story of your dad's case. I wonder if jevtana will add any good results apart from adding side effects that may prejudice more the quality of life of him. Surely this chemo is used as a sequential in the treatment for PCa after failure to ADT but its benefits need to be judged carefuly.

Please read the following thread on a similar case to yours.


Best wishes.


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I have know a man who ran the gauntlet with Jevtana, as well as Zytiga following Taxotere chemo.  I ditto all that Vasco said.

Jevtana is given via IV in an infusion center, pretty much identical to the way Taxotere is delivered.   The drug has been out about 8-10 years now, and when first approved, early studies showed it increasing longevity by around six months or so.  It may be that subsequent studies have since changed this.  His oncologist would know, and I would discuss precisely this with your father and his doctor.

I recommend that you go to the OFFICIAL Jevtana website, and read the section How Jevtana May Help.  


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