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Port Pain

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Hey guys,


A little about me. I'm 25 and I was Diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer with a mets to both lungs in July of 2018. I had my port placed (upper right quadrent of my chest) in August 2018 and began treatment a few weeks later. I completed 8 rounds of treatment underwent CT Scans and another Flex Sig to determine the rectal mass was gone but the lung nodules still remained. My onc wanted to continue chemotherapy for an additional 6 rounds. I completed 1 in Feb 2019 but requested an altermative form than the port placed chemotherapy. My onc. then said if the cancer remains the same come the next scans (May 1 and 2) I become a candidate for lung surgery to potentially remove the nodules. I'm super excited about this, I would love the opportunity to be cancer free, but I'm equally as concerned about the risks. I have no idea what type of surgery she is planning. I have no idea the long term recovery and long term effects. But thats not my main concern right now. 

A few treatments in I began experiences discomfort with my Bard PowerPort. Originally it was touch and go a little pain here and there but managable. Around round 6/7 I began experiencing sharp pain in the tissue around my port and hard and fast heart beats. The heart beats symptoms are not as consistent as the pain, but they are becoming more frequent overtime and I've noticed the hard and fast heart beats lasting a little bit longer each time (no more than like 15-30 seconds). I talked to my onc and she said that I was getting more scar tissue around my port and that my port had started to turn inward and is now at an angle. Now, 2 months post last chemotherapy treatment and 8 months post port placement, I've been experiencing sharp pains in the muscle closest to my heart around the port, and the pain is becoming more frequent. 

Does this happen to anyone else? What did you do to minimize the pain, or even get it to go away? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



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I went through 3 ports in 7 months--I had stitch abcesses with first 2, in right upper quadrant. 3rd one is in left chest. I had some rapid heart beats but i attributed them more to the Avastin--don't know if that was part of your chemo. I had severe pain around the current port and upper left chest, turned out is was a large blood clot that ran from the neck to elbow. You may want to get ultrasound of your port to make sure it is not a blood clot? I have learned that cancer and chemo make you prone to blood clots . I am also hoping to have lung met removed surgically if next scan shows nothing new, one oncologist told me that if you had mets in both lungs they would never do surgery --sure do hear different things from different docs!  Hope everuthing turns outokay with your port!

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Good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes well. :) Thank you for your help.

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Problems with ports can be an issue over time.  Some seem to work great through one's entire treatment and others get infected or just don't work right away for others.  With the heartbeat you should let your doctor know right away as that doesn't sound right and if it hurts you should get it checked out.  That wasn't the port they inserted for me, but maybe someone else can relate to that type of port and give you a little bit more insight.  Wishing you the best.


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Thank you so much.

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I had heart problems caused by chemo.  You need a beating heart every second of every day.  If it were me, I would consult with a doctor immediately.  It does not make any sense to take chances with your beating heart.

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