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Anyone had a test for this? Apparently, it's a type of RBC disorder where at least some of the RBCs clump, looklng like coins. It can be seen in anything from infections to cancer.

Well, we KNOW I have cancer. No question about that. It may not be the only thing going on in my body, but it IS in there. I looked in other cancer sections trying to find this term. No dice.

It can be due to inflammation. Well, if I have gallstone issues, that's an inflammation.

It can be due to infections.

It can even be due to diabetes. 

I haven't had a baseline for it before ... or is THIS the baseline? This is specific a test as the CA-125s, for Pete's sake!

My CA-125s went up three times in a row (not doubled ... more like 11 - 20% ...but they did go up quite a bit), but I've also been plagued with IBS, possible gallstones (they were on the last CT scan, and I've been experiencing symptoms similar to gall bladder attacks recently), and a sinus infection that just won't quit (though I'm finally not using boxes of tissues ...  just several a day). 

Follow-up CT scan on the 1st.

The doctor will push harder for the Vitrakvi. The idea of a chemo break sounds heavenly to me. In addition to all of this, my platelets really took a hit this time (below half of the previous number), so the idea of no infusions for a while really do sound wonderful. But first, I really want to rule out anything non-cancerous that can be making my tests go crazy.

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