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Post Y-90 scans are in!

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Well, we can now breath a little. The Y-90 really did help! Several tumors in his liver are dead and the rest have all shrunk by over half. He will have another scan in July and that will determine if the colon tumor should be removed or not. The colon tumor is stable for now, the chemo pills are not shrinking it, but at least it isn't growing. So relieved that the Y-90 did him good. The only concerning thing is they noted that several lymph nodes are inflamed, so they are having a wait and see approach with them. The ulcers are still bothering him something terrible though, I can't understand why the meds are doing absolutely nothing for him! We were at the beach this weekend and he doubled over on the sand and had to go back inside. He sees my GI this week hopefully he can get him back to par. 

While I am disappointed he is still not resectable, with the way he is feeling right now I guess it is good enough. I suspect that if they said today he was surgical, he might have declined because he is feeling so bad. The next couple of months, he can work on healing his stomach and hopefully be up to the next phase....if he can get to that point. I was so hopeful to hear the words he made it to resectibility, but for now, it's all good I suppose! It's favorable, just not as favorable as we hoped. 

Tomorrow it will be 17 months since this nightmare started I can't believe it's been this long already, an anniversary I wouldn't wish on anyone. 

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Why they didn t do a colon resection as soon as he got diagnosed? 

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When he was diagnoised there was 30 liver mets. The tumor board said there is no sense in removing the colon tumor because that won't kill him, the mets in his liver would. They really know how to sugar coat things don't they?!?!!? 

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I hope good things are on the horizon.

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very happy for you!!

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