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Supplemental Drinks

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I have lost some weight with my surgery and I am about to start mop-up chemo tomorrow. I can't eat as much as before and my appetite, while never huge to start with, has decreased some. In addition to that, I get so full with just small amounts. Almost every doc I know will suggest Ensure, Boost, etc. I know that for some, the bad outweighs the good when these drinks are all they can get down or have access to. I can hardly stomach these drinks and what's more is the studies on them are not great. They create a lot of mucous in my throat and are just plain nasty to me. I bought some different protein powders to make my own. I still don't like the taste of those either but at least I can doctor it up to my liking I suppose. It's also diffiult the first few days after the pump is disconnected when I can't drink anything cold. Warm weather is coming and that is going to be a little tough when all I want is an ice cold swallow of something.  If anyone has any recipes they want to share or different suggestions for getting in extra calories, I would appreciate it. I have never been a huge meat eater so getting in protein is tricky for me. On my bad days from chemo, I just want something quick and easy. I have always been a pretty clean and healthy eater but with chemo I have found "whatever works" during the rough days is just what I have to do to get thru. Wishing everyone a super Monday! Hugs, M

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mojogirl, if you are looking for protein how about cheese, nuts, and maybe yogurt?  Eggs and tuna?  I try to avoid soy protein isolates - which are highly processed, and look for whey protein, but most of them are soy.  I hope you can find something to help you get your protein up.

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