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Need advice on next steps

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I am from Bangalore, India. My mother is 50 years old. Last year in December she was diagnosed with pneumonia and antibiotics relieved her symptoms like high fever and body pains. However there was still opacity showing in her x ray. She was asked to get a plain CT and the doctor said we had to go for a bronchoscopy. She got scared and went to the neighbouring state where her sister lives and the general physician gave her allergy meds. At the beginning of this April this year I decided she needed to still get checked with a different pulmonologist. She had her get a CT constrast and a PET CT scan. The pet ct showed that the nodule in my mother's left lung had decreased in size but had low grade fdg uptake and the other two that were the same size. Her lymph nodes are clear. The radiologist suspected lung carcinoma. We went for a bronchoscopy and ebus biopsy and it said there was a small focus of adenocarcinoma with a lepidic pattern in one of the 3 histopathological tests. The other two said no malignant cells. The one speaking of cancer suggested retesting as the sample was scanty. The pulmonologist asked us to get the samples retested for confirmation that it was indeed cancer. I have been advice by a different pulmonologist not to waste the samples and instead go to an oncologist first as they will know what biomarkers to look for in the samples and properly diagnose instead of going for a simple confirmation.

It is mid of april now. We have wasted 4 months in total. Each test and result is taking us close to a week and I am feeling helpless that we may end up wasting time in which the cancer might spread further. I have an appointment in two days with a medical oncologist, to ask him his opinion and possibly entrust what to do with the samples to him rather than following the pulmonologist as they seem to move too slow. I am scared we may end up going to a bad doctor. How do i approach this. I am responsible for my mother, my father is not of much help. Searching online for good hospitals in Bangalore is energy draining as every one of them has mixed reviews. I am not sure if I should take my mother elsewhere for treatment. How do I approach my mother's present diagnosis? How should I decide the next right thing to do without wasting time? How costly is a week in this case. Please help

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After being diagnosed with non small cell adenocarcinoma in my right upper lung I saw a pulmonary doctor who sent me to a surgeon. I had the upper section of my right lobe removed, lobectomy. Next was the oncologist who recommended chemo. After chemo I had a month of radiation. Today, 4 years later I am cancer free! I was 50 when diagnosed. I always give the same advice.... stay positive, keep your sense of humor and many prayers. I wish your mother the best!

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Thank you for the reply. Does a patient going through chemotherapy and radiation need someone at home all the time. I am wondering if I should quit my job to look after my mother.

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That folks going through chemo or/and radiation would need someone around just in case weakness etc..could keep them from being able to do simple things. I hope if she will need you and you are able to stop working that would be a blessed situation.

I also had non-small cell right lung cancer (stage 1A, was lucky - so no treatment...just removal) removed going on five years this Thanksgiving but unfortunately mine sent a red blood cell to my brain and it's been a year and going on 4 months since removed! Life isn't easy but stay positive and up-beat no matter what...it is a fortunate way to get through all the hardships we go through.

I hope everything works out!Smile


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