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Ovarian Torsion

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I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinom, Grade 1 Stage 1A with a robotic hysterectomy in November 2018, with no further treatment. Last week I went to the emergency room with lower right abdominal pain. It turned out I had an ovarian torsion and had emergency surgery to remove the enlarged ovary that had a large cyst on it (I’m still waiting for the pathology on that).


Has anyone else experienced a torsion? What was your recovery like?


thanks in advance!

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My daughter went through that last year with both ovaries being bent from many cysts and obstructing her ureters. The surgeon was able to save one of her ovaries but she lost the other. It was laproscopic surgery so she came home the same day wearing a belly binder. She was pretty uncomfortable the first week, but not so bad after that. She had issues with nausea and diarrhea until they got her going on hormones to balance out what she wasn't getting from the lost ovary. She worked from home while that was going on. Her endocrinolgist told her it can take up to a year to get the hormone replacement tweeked and for the body to adjust to it all. 

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Oh my! I hope she’s doing better now. I still have one ovary and can’t do HRT due to cancer history. I had a large cyst, too. They told me that’s what caused the torsion. Of course, I’m back on the waiting train for the final pathology report for the removed ovary. Recovery has been tough, but it’s only been a week so I’m hopeful.


thank you for sharing your daughters experience with me.

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Hope your path report is a good one, you have been through so much.



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I had ovary torsion and it was very painful. The surgery isn’t too bad. But it’s the carbon dioxide they give during the laparoscopic procedure that causes the worst shoulder and gas pain ever. I slept upright and took charco caps supplements that help absorb the carbon dioxide. Walking helps get rid of the gas pain too. Warm compress, sleep sitting up and charcoal capsules will help tremendously. 

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