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joint pain after chemo has ended

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I have stage 4 grade 2 non hodgkins lymphoma, it's in the bone marrow too. I had my last chemo in Nov. I'm having bad joint pain that started in Jan. Is this normal?  I had bendeka and rituxin and now on rituxin every 6 wks for maintenance. I'm in remmission. Has anyone else experianced this?

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I had dlbcl in Jan 2017 and received 6 doses of DA-EPOCH-R and 2 doses of methotrexate. I experienced back pain and joint pain notably in the hips. My drs didn’t seem to think it was caused by the chemo, however I didn’t have the pain beforehand. I went to a physio and am finally feeling better almost 2 years later. I think the chemo has many side effects that perhaps even the best drs don’t fully comprehend. But you still shouldn’t underestimate any new pain - speak to your oncologist. 

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While having my R-CHOP I developed a bad pain in my right hip area. I used a heating pad and it helped a lot. I asked my Hematologist if it could be Chemo related and he didn't think so. However, about 3 weeks after finishing my Chemo it has totally gone away and has not returned. Strange things seem to happen with Chemo. I didn't realize how bad I felt until I got back to "normal".

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Although everyone reacts differently and I am no expert, last week the bone pain hit major.  It was the Nulasta which is given at the end of a chemo session.  The next day.  As I understand, the pain is from the medication leeching out stuff from the bones to raise the WBC or Platelet count.  Interestingly enough, it was shortly before I had a PET/CT and wow did the bones light up!!  No disease in the bone, just the drugs working.  It was reccomended to me to use an anti-histamine to reduce the reaction.  Hope this helps understanding.


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