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Just want to vent!  It’s always something, isn’t it?  Although my cancer is currently in remission due to Megace, I’ve suffered varying amount but constant pain due to the need for a renal stent because of a blockage of my right ureter probably due to radiation damage. My urologist had finally agreed to do a surgery to fix the blockage and it was scheduled for the 24th.  My oncologist and Gyn/onc were all on board. Clearances were done. Then my A1C came back 8.2. Last 3 month period was 8.1. I was sure it would be better this time. But between the Megace, 20# weight gain, and a year of inactivity due to stent pain this is what it is. 

I begged all my doctors for 3 years to put me on metformin for anti cancer reasons and I was predIabetic. No one would do it. I worked in the diabetes area for years. I know what I’m dealing with. Finally I’ve got a little metformin (1500) but I feel there’s a good chance it’s not going to be enough to hit the blood sugar. So I’m frantically trying to pull all the strings I have to get in to an endocrinologist (mine doesn’t do diabetes) before 3 months. 

Needless to say, because a blood sugar this high can impede healing and radiated tissue already heals poorly my surgery is probably off for now.  I appreciate that my PCP is hyper concientous and really the only one looking out for my total well being  But I’m disappointed that Thursday when my urologist pulls my current stent (which I’ve had since November and had no pain but isn’t working) he’ll have to put a longer one in with probably more pain just before I’ll have a house full of people for Easter.  

I‘m trying to be grateful that I’m cancer free, that I have family to celebrate the risen Christ, and I’m sure I’ll get this under control.  But I was looking forward to taking care of this and moving on to the next treatment issue(of which I have many)  But I praise the Lord that I’m  still alive and sorry for wining.  You all know sometimes you just have to say, “Really?”

Thanks for listening my dear sisters.  I’m sure I’ll get my head straight on this one too  


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Donna Faye
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As we travel this "after" cancer time, wondering what on earth will the next scan, check, show or not, we have moments where we just need to stand on the mountain and scream as loud as we can. I have followed your blogs as we were diagnosed about the same time and I appreciate your openness and honesty. You have amazed me with your continued strength. So, CQ, vent all you want for your sisters in this journey want to be the wind beneath your wings. May you get the best outcome and enjoy the joys of spring and Easter. 

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You sure are in a Catch 22. You need surgery to hopefully end the constant pain so you can exercise again to control your blood sugars better, but can't have the surgery because your blood sugars are too high! Yikes!

I know the metformin helps with the cancer, but aren't their other combos with it that they can consider that would control your bs better? My husband has been diabetic for over 20 years and was first started on metformin, but has since had Actos and glyberide added to his regime. They really need to find what controls the bs for you with the Megace so you can have the surgery and then start excercising again to help control the bs. They should be able to keep checking you to adjust things as you go along. It just seems like everyone wants to pussyfoot around with it, doesn't it? 

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I’m so sorry Cheese:(. Yes, it’s great to be cancer free, but our treatments can continue to cause problems. Here’s hoping they will up your metformin. So frustrating!

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Cheese, I don't have the right words at the moment, but wanted to chime in and offer support. I hope you can go forward with the surgery to get some "permanent" relief. 

Take care and come back to vent to all of us whenever it is needed. We are here for you!

Love and Hugs,


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Dang it.  You have every right to be frustrated and I hope you can get it done soon.  Dang it. 

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Hi CheeseQueen,

I can understand your frustration. If it's not one thing it's another. Diabetes was my speciality so reach out if I can help. Metformin helps the fastings but it doesn't take care of the post prandial blood sugar. So my advice to help the post prandial's try to watch the carbs at each meal. Typically most adult females can only handle 45 - 50 gms of carbs at a meal....now this is not to replace your medical doc / endocrinology advice but my personal opionion after working in this area for 20 plus years...... Count carbs and with each meal make sure to have protein and a heart healthy fat and that also can help flatten out the sugars post meal. All the best and Happy Easter! xo

PS The endo might think about putting you on a GLP-1..... deals with fasting and post prandials and will pull down that A1C!!

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Thanks for the info LuLu. Fact is I’m a dietitian and worked in the pharma industry for 10 years for an insulin company so I know what I should be doing. BUT I DON’T WANT TO!  I’m so angry about this. I’m concerned about a GLP1 cause I have thyroid nodules and my liver enzymes are not what they should be. I just have to accept that this is my reality. I can’t even get in to see an endo until June. 

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CQ well I am preaching to the choir!!!! LOL! Gosh that is terrible you can't get in to see the endo until June... anyway all the best and like you said you know what you need to do. xoxo

PS which insulin company. I just spent 5 years working for NovoNordisk! xo

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Posts: 741
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10 years in home office. 

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Dear Cheese, I'm so sorry for this big speed bump!  You sure have suffered enough with those stents.  Hoping for a better result tomorrow than you can imagine, and for a joyous Easter for you and your full house!

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Wasn't it Roseanne Roseannadanna who would always say, "Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it's always something — if it ain't one thing, it's another?" I kind of feel that should be the motto of our after-cancer lives.

My GP did not hesitate to put me on Metformin especially when my port site would not heal even after they removed the port. My fasting BG is still too high - around 170 or 180 but my A1c is normal (5.5) so obviously, my body can handle the carbs I eat all day, but my liver can't handle the fasting. 

Good luck, my friend! I hope you can get that A1c down and get the surgery you need.



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I also have a weird fasting blood glucose. Last time I got my HbA1c checked it was 5.1%. But my fasting blood glucose is about 110-114. Fasting longer (skipping breakfast) makes it go even higher. I think I might have the dawn phenomenon. To see if Metformin I used to take after dinner was causing too low BG levels during the night and leading to higher fasting blood glucose levels in the morning I stopped taking Metformin but nothing changed. I should first get a brand new HbA1c measurement and then probably Continue using Metformin. I also was on Megace for over a year. It really feels like I broke my body either with chemo or Megace or by taking Metformin when I didn’t need it or by experimenting with intermittent fasting.

CheeseQueen I am so sorry that you have to deal with this. You would think we could get a break from normal diseases since we suffered the worst. I really hope your doctor would find a good solution for your stent problem.

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I believe the reason blood sugar increases during fasting is because of a process called gluconeogenesis (sp?). When you fast, the liver breaks down fat for energy and it can raise your blood sugar when you are eating nothing! 

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Would it be safe to fast then even if it increases your fasting blood glucose level? 

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The point of blood sugar control is to keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible throughout the course of each day. Fasting while taking hypoglycemics increases your risk of hypoglycemia and spikes in blood sugar do damage over time. If you are working on weight loss you have to remember Aesop's fables and ask yourself if you want to be like the tortoise or the hare. If you have a lot to lose, it's really hard to be the tortoise, but it's lifestyle change that you can live with forever that's going to have the most lasting effect. Quick loss diets may work, but usually not for the long term.

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Geez, Cheese, I'm so sorry about the latest complication. You've been through a lot and it must be SO frustrating to feel like the rug was pulled out from under you at the last minute. I hope they're able to get things sorted for you so you have some long-term relief from the stent problem and pain.

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I wish the doctors would listen to their patients and consider their input.  Yes, if you could be without pain from your stent, then you could and would work on the other things.  Fix the first problem, then work on the others?  Whatever the decisions of the wise ones will be, I wish you and your family a blessed Easter.  You and I go back a few years, so I feel like we're sort of old friends.  Hugs Nancy

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Cheese, i wish you didnt have any pain. What a pain in the but for you. You have been through enough.

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I'm sure you'll get your head straight, as you say, but damn I wish you could catch a break. This just keeps going on and on and it's not fair. I'm so sorry, Cheese. I wish I had something in my power to ease your stupid kidney situation but, alas, prayers and virtual hugs are all I can offer. All you've been through and you're still standing - you are my hero !!!

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I am so sorry you have to deal with all that. Hope your doctors can find a good solution.

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Vent, vent, and then vent again. We are here for you to listen to your ventings! Sometimes the best way to get the frustration out is to just let it out. No shame there. 




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Well what a night!  My stent had migrated above the blockage and my doctor couldn’t get it out!  I was in so much pain last night he admitted me to the hospital for pain management. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. I’m ok now but I’m scheduled for a nephrostomy on Monday. What fun!  4-6 Weeks of carrying a pee bag until I get blood sugar controlled. Just when you think it can’t get worse!  At least I’m home with my family for Easter

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What a time you've been having. I'm glad you can be home for Easter. 

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