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I came accross this article about the potential of ultrasound to treat colorectal metastises.  I post not suggesting this is a viable treatment, but just to suggest that there are hundreds of treatments under examination and perhaps buying a few extra years of survival will help us to see new and hopefully better treatments.  Cheers.

Metastasis is the primary contributor to colorectal cancer mortality. High‐intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is an emerging technology for tumor therapy, which exerts its effects through tumor ablation, mechanical disruption, and enhancement of immune responses. . .  Here, we examined the effect of HIFU on tumor metastasis of colorectal cancer cells and the underlying mechanisms. HIFU was observed to inhibit migration of HCT‐116 cells in vitro and suppress lung metastasis in a mouse model of colon cancer. In addition, HIFU upregulated miR‐124 expression, which inhibited the activation of STAT3 and inhibited migration of HCT‐116 cells. Treatment with an inhibitor of MiR‐124 reversed the effect of HIFU on cell migration. In conclusion, our results suggest that HIFU exerts anti‐metastatic effects in colon cancer, and this effect is possibly mediated via upregulation of miR‐124 and subsequent miR‐124‐mediated STAT3 suppression.