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Its crazy...

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I started acupuncture again on friday. Turns out my acupuncturist is female and is also in her early 30's, clear cell RCC, also on her right kidney! Stage 1, grade 2, 1 year NED as well! I'm told over and over how rare it is to have this cancer soo young. Well, guess its not as uncommon as it used to be. It's nice having someone I could relate to, in person! She also did shiatsu on me with the acupuncture. . I told my husband he has a run for his money! Ha! No, but I was so excited to meet someone like me. He didn't get it. I had to share my excitment because, you all get it. We meet people in life for a reason. I could only schedule appointments on a certain time and day, it just so happens that someone canceled all of there appts for the day and time I needed.. Meant to be..

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Bay Area Guy
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What are you getting the acupuncture for?  I’ve tried it (unfortunately unsuccessful) to try to help with hearing loss.  I’m a pretty big advocate of mixed Eastern and Western medicine.

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Doing in for tension headaches, TMJD, anxiety, and overall chronic pain. I may have some autoimmune thing going on as well. It helps me soo much. Plus I get an hour to myself with out my kids and husband! Hope your doing well! 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Everything happens for a reason- there is definitely a bigger picture we can't always see. Glad things worked out for you.  We don't wish this journey on anyone but when you meet someone who has been on it there definitely is a kinship. Hope the acupuncture works- Best of luck-June

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I have found comfort in the fact that so many people I work with have had this disease diagnosed in the past few years.  I am the youngest but two are only 4 years older.  We are likely a cluster related to 9/11 exposure so it may not be that shocking but it's still a source of comfort to know other people with this disease who you can speak to from time to time.  Glad you had this experience!

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My Dr who has a decent size practice said I was his 3rd Dx that year. He was really surprised. I've now met several people in same situation. Good luck with the acupuncture.... Some me time doing almost anything has to be good for oneself!

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After my cancer, I wanted a tattoo for my birthday. My first tattoo. There is a pretty well known tattoo shop and we went. I spoke with a guy that turned out to be the owner and he was going to do my tattoo. When he asked why I wanted this tattoo, I told him about losing my kidney to cancer. Turns out he also lost a kidney, but in an accident. Same side. It was a pretty cool moment. Still got the tattoo!

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I have found one of the blessings of being diagnosed is how much closer it brought me to friends i  never thought I would be close to. The night I went public with my diagnosis, i had a 3 hour call with a long lost friend about cancer. She is going through S3 Breast Cancer. We have been watching our forneach other ever since. 

Then there’s the people in these groups. They have Come to be my rock.

BTW. Always wanted to try acupuncture and never have. I may need to try it now. 

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