Couldn't have radiation today due to technical difficulties!

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I went for radiation today.  Every time, they do a CT scan (they say it's limited and low energy) to make sure that my bladder is at the right point of fullness, and that everything is lined up correctly.  Then they do the treatment.  Today, after they did the CT scan, when they went to do the treatment, they couldn't, because they lost the computer internet connection apparently.  THey rebooted the computer, but still wouldn't run.  At that point I said that I would come back at the end of the day, when they had it running.  But they never got it running.  They said that the machine at the main treatment center is slightly different, so I couldn't have treatment there.  So no treatment today, and they're hoping everything will be fixed by tomorrow.

You can imagine my loss of confidence in this process!  I'm already terrified that there will be a treatment error, in addition to my fear about the treatment itself.  Now I don't know what to do.  I have an appointment with the radiation oncologist tomorrow, in addition to a treatment appointment.


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    This happened to me once and

    This happened to me once and I didn't think anything of it. They are very finely calibrated pieces of equipment and it stands to reason that they'll need to be adjusted over time. 

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    It happens

    I had 30 external radiations and this happened to me a few times, 2 days in a row once.  They just make it up at the end, meaning you will just have to add those days at the end.  All that matters is the completed radiation dosage amount.

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    They don't worry about one

    They don't worry about one day. You already take weekends off, and at least where I was, holidays were also a missed day.


    When I showed up for my last treatment,  the receptionist said the machine was down. I had so mentally and emotionally geared up for this to be my last day of all treatment ever, that I almost had a meltdown. I said, hey, I'll wait until midnight if I have to, I need to be DONE today! Fortunately, I had forgotten about the second machine they have, and all was well!