Bladder bulking

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hi all, has anyone had bladder bulking due to nerve damage to bladder & urethra? My Dr. Is recommending Botox to bladder & collagen to urethra which will mean I will need to self catheterize 5/6 times a day.  Looking for any input. Thank you in advance. All the best to all of you along this journeY. 


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    Not sure

    My uro gynecologist said it’s from child birth, surgery, radiation and age. 

    He sort of buried the age factor but many times incontenience comes with age. my best guess is surgery and radiation. 

    Im not sure what you’re dealing with but it’s my understanding you can start radiation any time but you can’t do it to the same area more than once. Good luck to you and thank you for responding❤️

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    sorry to hear

    Is this the result of radiation?   I wish now that I didn't go through radiation.