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Today is 1 week 1 day since my lobectomy of my rt. lower lung.  The pain is incredible, but is lessening every day.   

My story began with a coronary scan screening for high cholestrial, those numbers were fine, however a spot on my lung was determined, that sent me for another type of Ct.  That did determine a mass on my lung, so after a broncopsopy and then a week later and EBUS, the conclusion was most definatetly a mass with cancer was resting on my rt. lower lobe.  Doctors recommented the Lobectomy since PETSCAN showed no other areas lighting up.  So, here I am 1 week and 1 day after and still suffering with the pain and the discomfort. It is improving each day so far.  The results showed Lymph Noids negative, but mass was 4 centimeters so treatment is going to follow.  

Has anyone have any thoughts and suggestions about treatment.  So far the word radiation is being thrown out there.  I meet with the Oncologist in 4 days and I guess I will know more at that time.  Any suggestions as far as questions etc. to discuss with the doctor.

Has Anyone gone thru radiation treatment for this Stage 2 Lung Cancer?  Has anyone had any other type of treatments for this type of cancer?

Thank you 


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Ok just found out I will getting 4 to 6 treatments of Chemo..Any Advice

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So aweome they found it early!

So chemo is not as scary as the movies make it out to be. However the medications that are prescried to go along with your treatment to help with th side effects are a must. I am going to assume you are from the US? Do you have a good medical plan?

Some tips:

- First and foremost drink tonnes and i mean tonnes of water. Very importrant you stay hydrated

- Eat well, especially now as you may lose your appetite but I kinda doubt it with only that many treatments. I think my husband had 38 treatments and the beam eded up burning his esphoagus so eating became a real problem.

- Dress in layers, people often tend to get cold during the treatment

- Take something to do, you may be there a while

- make sure you have a ride the first time until you know how you react to it. My husband got "drunk' on chemo and would not have been safe to drive afterwards so I always had to drive him.

- It may make you drowsy - nap if you need to, don't push it

Check out this link to CSN's info on chemo. It should help too. Remember they caught it early and the goal is a cure. Fcus on that ok?





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Karen  I go in on 18th for MRI and Cat scan. I also had a nodular found in my lower left lung. Biospy was done and they say I have non-small cell cancer. I am healthy and don't take any medications,so all of this has me scared. Doctors have mentioned radiation and chemo. I have no idea what to expect or do I have no support or anyone to talk to.What ever you find out keep posting. This is my next journey and your information will help me. Thank you 

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