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Paul, Protonix

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Lee Christensen
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Paul, I've  been on Protonix for about 8 1/2 years, and now I here the side effects aren't that good. My pharmacist told me of a natural medicine to take its place. Do you know if any other members has had a problem with protonix?

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There are a number of survivors that I know are trying to get off of PPI's like Protonix, some folks are using diet modification, some folks are using apple cider vinegar, and some folks are using antacids like Gaviscon with variable levels of success. Many report that when they stop taking PPI’s there is a “rebound” effect where they have pronounced reflux issues for a while until their body gets used to not having the PPI to stop acid production. 

I would suggest asking your question on Smartpatients web site in the esophageal cancer community https://www.smartpatients.com/conversations. The Smartpatients EC community is a lot more active than this forum and has more members. I know there is a dicusssion thread there related to PPI alternatives and experiences.

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