Surgery vs Cyber knife liver and lung

My sister has multiple smallish metastasis lighting up and liver and lungs. Her oncologist went to the tumor board and his thoughts were surgery on the liver and cyber knife on the lung with another round of big chemo afterwards. Yesterday my sister and I went to see the liver surgeon and had our first appointment with a radiation oncologist. There is only one metastases in each area they're interested in going after at this time.

So of course we get to the surgeon and he says at the same time they can do surgery on both liver and lung and that's what he recommends. We see the radiation oncologist, and he recommends the CyberKnife on both of them surprise surprise


I get that she has options, and that they have to offer her the various options but she just wants to trust someone enough to tell her what her best course is. With all three of her team members recommending different paths based on their specialty she is understandably frustrated and scared.


Both of the lesions in question measure between 1 and 2 cm, the others are small metastases they aren't going after


Any thoughts on the two procedures? This will be her second liver surgery and her first round with the radiation department if she chooses to go that way




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    His many mets are in the lungs?

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    Wow! That’s just unacceptable

    Wow! That’s just unacceptable. As a team they should discuss it together! How can you make a good decision with so many differi opinions! So who actually does the cyber knife? The radiologist oncologist Or a surgeon? I would want to know how many of these types of operations they have all done. You want the best. I would also go to a different oncology surgeon and get another opinion. I saw my oncology surgeon ar Mercy hospital and I also saw one at Washington hospital. They both said the same thing so I felt pretty good about my decision. But at the same time, my oncology, surgeon, and radiologist all discussed the approach Together. My oncologist lead the discussion.

    Good luck. This is a tough situation.