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Zytiga for Stage 4

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I have posted before, I apologize for not finding my thread to continue on with . I think it's been  at least a year since Ive posted.

My partner was diagnosed with Stage 4 in 2016 . Has done the chemo, then had quintuple heart bypass, then had a large part of his jaw removed from 

I believe the drug given to help prevent bone cancer? He has had pain in his back for a few months now and after a cat and bone scan last Friday they have found

cancer in his spine and ribs. They are putting him on Zytiga ( $10,000) a month . I take it this is another hormone therapy? Any input on this drug or now that the previous chemo and other hormone therapy seem to have staved the cancer off for as long as possible this hormone is being introduced. Does anyone have any feedback, experience or info they could provide me so to better understand how effective this drug is? Side effects etc...

As always your input is so appreciated.


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Welcome back to the board. Unfortunately there is no search engine in this forum that allows us to find previous entries (post and threads) of a particular member. I managed to get the links with almost all your story, as follows;




I am sorry to read about the progressive condition of Tom. I wonder if Zytiga has been recommended by his doctor with the intent to alleviate the cancer burden or just because it makes part in the sequential of therapies approved to be administered after chemo. Zytiga is a weapon in the hormonal arsenal but it is palliative and is linked to various side effects and risks. Zytiga is taken with Prednisone which lowers the immune system capabilities in fighting inflammation. Patients are therefore at easy to contract other health issues. I wonder how fit is Tom now after so many interventions. The Jaw issue (a cause from Xgeva) is prove that sometimes we need to avoid treatments that may cause more harm to the patient, even if it is recommended as a sequential.

I hope guys here that have been on Zytiga provide you with some comments/recommendations on their experience. I recommend you to read these past posts on the matter;




Best wishes in this continuing journey.

Thinking of you.



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As always thank you for your feedback and support. I believe the Zytiga was given as a way to fight back the cancer. He has been having a lot of pain in his back etc

He had been keeping up with all of his activities with a strong determination and positive attitude; going to the gym, swimming, working on many different projects, and even traveling to see his children. However, now I see a noticeable change. I have never met a braver man. I will read up on the Zytiga ( thanks again) but he will do whatever the Dr's tell him to do.

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As Vasco noted, Zytiga is (usually) given after chemo has ceased to be effective.

To answer your question, it is not used to prevent bone metastasis, but has the more limited role of reducing tumor size, a "pallative" effort, to reduce PSA and also tumor-related pain.   I have not used it myself, but followed a friend who did.  I have not read any studies regarding effectiveness in the last two years or so, but initial results after it was approved were showing an averge extension of life measured in months.   After Zytiga fails, there is yet another hormonal therapy approved for use after chemo failure known as Jevtana.  And it too has life-extension measured in months, but this data also is a few years old; it may be that its average effectiveness  is better than initially thought.

While Jevtana and Zytiga are not technically "chemo," they have side-effects that mimic chemo in most users.  My friend's main response to both was extreme fatigue and extremely loose bowels.

Similiar to Vasco, I will say that your partner's situation is dire....


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