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Basal ceall and Squamous Cell in same spot?

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My 89 year old mother's pathology report:

"Diagnosis: Skin lef dorsum (bridge) of nose (Shave Biopsy): Basal cell carcinoma, ulcerated, extending to the biopsy base, and squamous cell carcinoma in-situ extending to peripheral edges.

Microscopic description: Positive immunohistochemical staining of the invasive cells beneath the ulcer with Ber-EP4 helps to confirm the presence of basal cell carcinoma.

Gross description: The specimen is received in formalin and labeled ... consists of a single shave of skin measuring 0.4 x 0.3 centimeters"

I'm having no luck finding reports of skin cancer biopsy with both Basal Cell AND Squamous Cell.  Can some one help me understand the implications of the presence of both types of cancer?  Is this common?

Also any thoughts or suggestions regarding treatment most appropriate for an 89 year old woman with mid-stage alzheimers?

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My husband also had both basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell on his arm.  He thought it was a bug bite that didn't want to heal.  When he went to the dermatologist he found out it was both basal and squamous cell. We were surprised that he had two kinds of cancer in the same spot, too.  He went for MOHS surgery and the surgeon was able to take care of it on the first try.  He also had basal cell on his head and had that removed in a second surgery.  All is now well and he goes to the dermatologist every six months.  I hope all went well with your Mom.            Simone

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Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the two most common types of skin cancers.

I had an infection on my finger that was not healing. Skin cancer symptoms can vary depending on the type of skin cancer and its location on the skin. In general, any new or changing spots on your skin that persist for two weeks or more should be brought to your doctor’s attention.

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Hi I am new to this. I had squamous on my leg a couple years back but in the last two months I have been diagnosed with 6 different squamous and basal cells. 3 on one breast. One on base of nose next to eye. That one scares me it has been there 15 years. Surgery is Friday. I am terrified

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