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Perinephric fluid collection

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I had my partial nephrectomy done and had a small RCC in my left kidney removed about two months ago and 4 weeks after the surgery, I started to have some tiny blood clotts in my urine now and then for about 3 weeks now (But it is turning better now). My doctor says that i am still in the process of healing up and asks me to keep up with plenty of fluid. Very recently, he ordered a renal ultrasound which found that I have a pretty big perinephric fluid collection (8x7x3 cm) at the surgery site of the kidney. The report says that differential considerations include resolving hematoma vs seroma vs abscess. The doctor is not too worried about the report, however i wonder if I should be concerned about this fluid collection at my previous RCC site. Will it be resolving by itself later on ? Appreciate any input from this amazing group of friends.


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I developed a pretty big hematoma a couple months past the surgery but it got reabsorbed into my body. If that's what yours is then it'll resolve itself. I imagine an bscess would cause a rise in your white blood cell count and you would have a temperature. 

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Each of us has a different experience after op.  Fluid collection is not that unusual, and is often re-absorbed by the body. 

If the doctor is not concerned at this point, I would just sit back and see what happens.  If it becomes painful, then go back to the good doctor.

Best Wishes, Fred

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Thank you so much for your much-appreciated input and personal experience. I feel somewhat relieved and will be patient. Hopefully this fluid collection will shrink and resolve itself after a while. Thanks again APny and Fred.

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