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Anyone deal with...

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abdominal pain post treatment? I had 6 weeks of radiation treatment to my right tonsil and right side lymph node. no chemo or surgery. I'm six months post treatment and doing well with the exception of an "ache" in my lower left abdomen. had an ALL CLEAR PET/CT scan October 17th 2018. Also had a colonoscopy end of November...ALL CLEAR. The pain is only about a 3 or 4 level pain and it is internittent but has been going on for about 4 months. . Doesnt bother me at all when I sleep or lay down. I've researched Diverticulitis but that seems to be way more painful than what I'm experiencing. I've never had a history of abdominal pains. I have had many kidbey stones and my recent PET scan showed 3 kidney stones in left kidney but they were noted as non-obstructing. I'm wondering if the significant weightloss (50 lbs) i experienced during and after my treatment and the liquid organic protein shakes I lived on for about 4 weeks changed my gut/digestive tract. Once I was able to eat more solid foods. I began introducing more sweets/junk food and have gained about 25 pounds back. Perhaps the changes in my diet have reaked a bit of havoc?? If anyone has experienced similar issues, please let me know. thank you!! FYI...I'm 54 year old male.

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Lower left quadrant pain is a sign of diverticulosis, which when inflammed leads to diverticulitis which is quite painful.  I didn't have any abdominal issues while recovering from rads and chemo (DX in March of 2012, stage IV-a BOT HPV+), but I did have this several years after.  I found that constipation issues (secondary to prescription pain meds) was a contributor to diverticulosis.  You note a colonoscopy, usually this will expose the diverticulosis issue - or so my gastroenterologist has told me. 

I was DX with diverticulitis in August of 2017 (5 years after my last treatment) and had experienced lower left abdominal pain in the past but dismissed it.

Not saying that what you're experiencing is diverticulosis, but it would be worth speaking with your medical team...

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