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Newly diagnosed with Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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Hello out there......

I'm so happy to find others who may be going through this at the same time or can give advice on remission/cure/relapse.  

I had 2 large axillary lymph nodes removed December 21st.  No other symptoms, no cancer history.  My biopsy results weren't available until I saw the surgeon on January 2nd.  Surgeon informed that I had Hodgkins lymphoma.  I soon found out on my electronic health record that I actually had NLPHL.  I had CT of chest, abdomen, and pelvis last week.  Saw the results again online but no physician has informed me of the results.  I will see the oncologist for the first time tomorrow.  Although I'm anxious to a point, reading posts on this website has been very helpful.  I have done my online research and as I am an RN I read the research easily but boy are there a lot of opinions on how to treat Stage III which is what I am looking at.  I have not yet had a PET but will see what tomorrow brings.  I'm not looking forward to AVBD, having been an oncology nurse years ago, but hopefully cure will be in my future before next Christmas!  


Any good websites to purchase realistic looking wigs?


Don't know if I will be able to work through this but would need a decent wig to pull it off.  


Any questions that I should ask my onc tomorrow besides the usual?  I will be getting a second opinion and will be sending my records to Dana Farber Cancer Center as one of the researchers I was reading her articles practices there.   


Thanks in advance



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