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Nessun Dorma...

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Well, got a call today from the urologist.

It was a T2 clear cell carcinoma. Even though it was large, 10cm, it did not spread outside of the kidney. Glands are clean, as are other areas. He told me that no further therapy would be necessary.

Still have an appointment with him on Tuesday. 



Clean. That word is somewhat heavy on my shoulders now. I am happy that I'm clean, or that I do not need any more therapy. I have this feeling, now, that I will need to remain very vigilant going forward. Not that I do not trust what he says. I do. But having the balttle scars, being called a 'survivor', is not an easy burden to carry. I don't know. I've been philosophical. 

Official results on Tuesday. But I am happy. Vigilant, but happy.


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Your scenario is really similar to mine - similar size, same stage, same clear cell. But yes, you and I definitely have to be vigilant about our follow up scans. 

Congrats fellow survivor! 

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Good news. The consult will lay out the next course. I was told 5 years. Cat scan with x rays once a year. Good luck with the appointment.

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Awesome news to hear!

keep vigilant but don’t forget to breathe a little easier now. 

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I'm trying to stay above water, calm, and collected. 

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Congrats with it being "over and done"!   I think the hard part is over.  Now you just have to be vigilant and keep your scan appointments.  If I may make a suggestion:   Get a copy of the pathology report.  You should see for yourself what it shows.  Were the margins clear?  Also find out the grade.  Not a bad idea to have copies of everything, including the operation report.  Some people don't know if they still have their adrenal gland.  

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Will be going to the doctor on Tuesday, and will get all that data then. I do intend to be vigilant about all of this.

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Good outcome, and plenty of reasons to hope this is behind you, for a new start to life.

You will however need a follow-up regime of CT scans, because this thing sometimes does re-appear, even after some years.  

Remain vigilant, but enjoy life.

Best Regards, Fred

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