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International travel

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Joined: Aug 2018

I am looking for information about flying internationally while i still have my chemo port in my chest. Can anyone give me information or advice on how TSA deals with this?    Thanks.

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Joined: Feb 2016

It‘s no problem at all. Doesn’t set off any alarms or questions. 

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Posts: 22
Joined: Aug 2018

Thanks a lot.

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Joined: Nov 2009

Did you get a card with your port?   I did.  But that was years ago.   I had my port in for 6 years.  No problems.  Enjoy your trip!

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Enjoy your trip.  People fly with all kinds of things implanted in their body.  Nothing scares people more than when you tell them, "I have cancer!"  I remember TSA questioning me about my dialators once. Ha!  

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I've travele d to Guatemala twice since having my port, and once since I got the screws and plates in my ankle.  None of it set off any alarms at all!  I did take my bio-flo info card with me in case I had any trouble with the port while abroad.

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