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Meeting W/ My Surgeon on Weds./16th-Prayers Needed

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Happy Saturday to everybody here. I finally got away for a few days to my beautiful mountains to visit my daughter. It was the best medicine I could have had. I am still here and will be coming back to SC on Monday and have chemo #6 on Tuesday. I will meet with my surgeon on Weds.  I talked with his PA by phone and she assured me that he did not want to keep me on chemo for a long period of time and damage my organs. She said he would be aggressive if we could do the surgery and that only looking at the scans could tail. She actually made me feel hopeful that it could happen.  On another note, I made a decision to purchase a little place in a retirement community in my beautiful mountains. It is all I need and I can travel back-and-forth on my good days/ weeks if I am undergoing treatment or care. This has given me something to look forward to in regards to getting the place ready and having a little nest in the mountains to come to. Hopefully I will get the surgery and I will be permanently back in my mountains I love so much.If all does not go well and I have to remain under treatment for a longer period of time to reach surgery, , I think I am going to transfer my care back to the mountains but still keep my relationship with the surgeon at USC in Charleston. The uplift in my spirits and soul being here and out of SC is worth the drive back for whatever may be in the future for me. I know that If I get the liver resection, I will only do a few mop-up chemo treatments after surgery and no more. Just the thought of those fills me full of dread. If I have a recurrence or spread of the disease afterwards, I will only pursue surgery or alternative treatments. I can not do long term chemo.. it is not a choice I have made lightly but I know it is the right one for me. So, I will end this by asking all of the prayer warriors and “mojo” conjurers to pull down the good energy for me on Wednesday when I meet with my surgeon. Hoping this finds everyone warm, safe, and with some good things going on in your day. Hugs!! M

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It makes me happy to hear that you have purchased a little place in your beloved mountains.  While I do not 'live' up in my canyon, I go so very often and have absolutely no doubt that it has played a HUGE part in my healing and continued NED. 

Focus on your mountain home. While there is no way you can 'forget, or put into the back of your mind your ongoing battle with Cancer, if you make it your secondary thought, I believe you will come out on top. 

I have your name on my calendar, and will not only pray on Wednesday, but every day until I hear your news. 

You have that fighting spirit, M.  I wish you joy in your mountain home, and health to go with it. 


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I knew you would be conjuring up good enerug for me the moment you read this. You are a good soul and special spirit “True”. Sometimes without ever laying eyes on someone, you just know. So glad you have that “place that soothes your soul. Once again, hugs and and gratitude beyond expression coming your way!!

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You're so smart, I love how smart you are how aware of yourself and the world around you, your keen sense of what's truly important and the deep love you have especially for those things you can never buy like the Mountains. I understand this because for what the mountains do for your very being the ocean does for me I can feel  when I'm far from the water and it doesn't feel good at all and just to walk a little on the beach or sit and look out the sea does more for my head than any anti depressant ever could. So I would say this kind of thing, this deep connection is in our blood, you're born with it. For some it's wide open spaces and fields, for others the desert or lakes, it doesn't matter it only matters that it's this connection to nature helps to heal and provide comfort. Congrats on the purchase of the new home, I cant wait to move in and visit for a few months.

So I'm thinking, after you send me the address it's probably best that I ship the heavy pieces first because their sheer weight and massive size make the logistics so difficult, I'll leave it you to place things where you like, just remember you so much as scratch it - you bought it! Then I'll start with clothing - for all four seasons (so that's about a dozen steamer trunks...per season) and then of course the animals do you like lamas, alpacas, goats and Pigs? of course you do!  As for mo, I should be making my grand appearance shortly thereafter and BTW, let me take a moment to thank you in advance for the first class airfare and stretch limo, my friends and I are sure to enjoy ourselves.
Mojo, I truly love to see you going after your dreams and mapping out the life you want for yourself, you're the bees-knees kiddo, that goes without question. I believe you'll not only get the surgery you want but that you'll sail through it with your usual style and grace. Prayers for continued health and happiness are coming your way so know I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the light and love I have in me to wish you. I suppose I should get started with the packing after all we're going to be roommates for a few months and who knows maybe I'll decide to stay forever!  Don't think I can't tell how excited you are and  even think of thanking me, it's my pleasure, really it is. Oh, I almost forgot - I took up indoor fire dancing you're just going to love it. Peter 
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Indoor fire dancing?.. My email name is “mtnraindancer” so we would be perfect together.. You do your fire dance and I’ll do my rain dance..lol.. My sweetheart of a friend..Thank you for the encouragemen!!. I cherish crossing your path.. you make my heart smile. You come see me anytime! I’m afraid it’s not a ritzy condo I’m buying. It’s just a well kept mobile home with a sunroom in a little place my husband and I had once owned a little getaway place. It’s all I need since I’m over keeping up with a big house and yard. You’re suppose to be 55 to live there but they are bending the rules for me since we owned something there years back.. (my husband was a bit older than me.I’m 51. I’m kicking this cancer and hopefully a trip to Ireland and Spain are in the future so get ready to run with the bulls, lol. Hugs and much love your way!!..M

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Mojo this sounds as if it's destiny I have a talent for causing fires and you have one for putting them out, oh what fun we'll have. You new home sounds wonderful - I have no experiance with slick fancy condos we have an ancient small stone ranch and outside theres plenty of room for the dogs to run, lots of dense woods and beautiful birds oh, and we have a room we call the sun room too its my favorite room to be in, except in winter because it's not heated and my coffee tends to freeze solid before I know it.

Mojo neuropathy, it's awful I know, I have it in both feet and for many years was unable to walk, medications like Lyrica had helped little and then not at all. Now I take an opiate based med that's carefully monitored and I can get around much better and am for most of the time free of the chronic pain that enslaved me for so long. But there's also T.E.N.S therapy  (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation )  for a while it was a great help to me and if you haven't you might want to look into it. If you haven't already. Ten has been around for an incredibly long time, Edison created the first units used for medical treatments. It works via a low level electrical stimmulation that kind of scambles the pain signals sent to your brain - many people find significant and even total relife. Most home TENS units are cleared by the FDA and many doctors suggest giving it a try, it's not a cure. The treatments can last as long as you like 1 hour..2 hours and so on but when you turn the unit off the pain returns. All you'll feel is a tingle but who doesn't like a little tingle every now and then? Anyway if you would like more info let me know, you can find lot's on the web but search good places like webmd - also Amazon carries lot's of tens systems with a 30 day return policy - be well,Peter 

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How the mountains and the water soothe us! I love looking out on my little peak every day. Such silent strength and dignity. I am also pursuing the surgical route for 2 lung mets, will meet with surgeon early February--I will be praying for you on the 16th!!! Done with the Folfox that makes me feel like my insides are inside out and being scrubbed with bleach and a Brillo pad--spendng 9-10 days out of 14 barely able to get out of bed ain't no way to live IMO.  Are you trying diet and supplements?  Asheville area is so beautiful, know you will find peace and contentment there, and know that you have a kindred spirit here out west that feels the same way about  mountains,surgery and chemo!! We are on our way to NED!!

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So glad you have a place that inspires healing and soothes your soul. I hope you have success with the lung Mets. I am a super believer in the natural supplementing with this nasty chemo. Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and Red Reishi mushroom extracts are super immune system boosters and are being researched for cancer treatment. I do all of these as well as AHCC supplements and fermented wheat germ (Metatrol).. I also do curcumin and vitamin C. I‘ve always ate fairly healthy and juiced. This fifth round of chemo really hit my taste buds and I ate what appealed which wasn’t much, lol. For the neuropathy, I take vitamin B-12 and R-Lipoic Acid ..Everyone has different opinions about natural supplements but I figure the nasty chemo will do more harm than they will. I lost my husband 3 years ago to the very same exact diagnosis I have now. We fought hard for a year but he had some complications with chemo and God had other plans. I’ve been cursed and blessed to have learned so much with him and I still read all of the studies and make my own call with the supplements. I am responsible for my self and doctors are people and not Gods. I wish you the best with your own journey and will lift you up as well in good thoughts and prayer. Hugs, M

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Congratulations on finding a new home in the mountains!  I believe strongly that nature has many healing powers and can soothe us when nothing else can.

I retired a couple of years ago and am thinking of selling my home and getting into some kind of retirement community.  I have one adult child still living with me who only has to pay off his last student loan, then I am sure he will be out of here.  I don't want to bounce around this house by myself since I am a widow and my sons are adults.

I live on the East Coast, between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.  I am close to both the ocean and the mountains of Maryland and I have been exploring parts of state over the last year. 

Hope all goes well in your battle with this disease!



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I’m not sure what you are dealing with health wise, but I hope you have days full of good health and peace. Thank you for taking time to respond and send the support.  Much appreciated!!

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Ask the surgeon if he can also do a liver pump. The one that gives chemo straight to the liver and doesn’t t have any side effects. I was recommended to finish all 12 folfiri before the resection and  I was resectable from the beginning. The MD Anderson protocol is to do a mop up chemo after the resection and a matter of fact it is what many docs suggest. Butt.

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Wonderful that you have decided that stay in a place that you are going to be so comfortable with and loving the place that you live.  Sometimes people are afraid of change but it sounds like you have made a perfect move for you.  Wishing you the best in your treatments and hoping that it is a complete success.


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done. xx


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You wanted it and you got it! Good for you. You will be in my thoughts on the 16th. Good luck. However it goes, enjoy the mountains.


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The Shenandoah mountains are my place to be.  I don't live in them but in the valley where I can just look up to see them.  The primal connection is one which gives us a sense of peace and home coming.  

Prayers in bunches for the outcome you wish.


Marie who loves kitties


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